‘We Wouldn’t be a People’: Kaumātuatanga and Tangata Whenua (1974)

University of Leeds PhD student Emily Kate Timms, visited Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision in Wellington to delve into stories about Māori elders. She reflects on some of the rich and powerful material she discovered, as well as the importance of the presence of “cinematographic kaumātua” in our film and television history.

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Ngā taringa hou – New ears for old voices

Wellington may have enjoyed an unusually-splendid summer this year, but three Victoria University Māori Studies students have not seen a lot of the sun.  They spent their break from late November until late February in the Taranaki Street offices of Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision. With headphones fixed to their heads they passed the summer listening to the voices of tūpuna, recorded many decades before they were born.

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