My Favourite Pet competition winners

Many many thanks to all of you who shared your stunning shots from your pet albums with us. We have loved watching the cats, dogs, mice and birds flow into our inbox. Because every pet entered had a clear personality all of its own, our Film Archive staff judges have had a hard time agreeing on just three winners!

But, after much consideration and tabulating of votes, we are excited to announce that the winners are:


Best retro shot:

Carol’s friendly pet cow, Sabrina.

Carol Sabrina3

Carol Sabrina2

Carol Sabrina1

Carol sent us this lovely story along with her entry:

“She was named ‘Sabrina’ after the film star with large breasts, who was famous about that time. We milked her by hand every morning and evening, producing two buckets of milk a day. If we wanted a drink during the day we would just squirt milk straight into our mouths.

Dad would sometimes give her a drink of beer straight from the bottle, (not a very p.c. thing to do in this day and age), animal welfare would be after him if they knew!  Sabrina also liked mums homemade tomato sauce which we would steal from the pantry and tip onto the grass for her to lick up. Mum always wondered why it went down so fast.  Another of her favourite treats were apples of which the max she could fit into her mouth at one time was seven.

My father was extremely fond of her and the two of them could often be seen sitting in the paddock together with dad singing his heart out to her. She would lie down in the paddock and let us lay all over her.

Sabrina was very much a part of our family and got a lot of love and attention.

Those were great days.”


– Best contemporary:

Tamara’s beautifully braided dog, Nero, enjoying a day at the beach.



– Most photogenic pet:

Peter’s superstar dog, Coady.



Peter Coady

Peter Coady3

The My Favourite Pet photo competition ran in conjunction with our new PET exhibition. Read more about PET here.

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