My Favourite PET – last entries

We’re impressed by the number of star pets across New Zealand!

This is the last round of contestants in the My Favourite Pet photo competition. The competition has now closed and the judges are considering all of the stunning pet entrants closely. The winners will be announced here on the Gauge blog shortly.

Read more about the My Favourite Pet competition here.


Alanna Hazel1

Alanna’s dog, Hazel.

Becca Barnes Sabian Squid

Becca’s cat, Sabian Squid, in her bucket.

Karen Sammy

Karen’s furrbaby, Sammy.

Kathy Boston

Kathy’s Chocolate Labradoodle, Boston.

Kim Ozzy

Kim Ozzy2

Kim’s 8 month old rescue, Ozzy the Staffy Cross Border Collie.

LiuTing Sun Joe Boy

Liuting Sun’s beautiful cat, Joe boy.

Liz Chanel

Liz’s foster kitten, Chanel.

Liz ChloeLiz’s foster kitten, Chloe.

Liz Phoebe Jack MalinkyLiz’s cats, Phoebe, Jack and Malinky.

Jon and Tina Bella

Jon and Tina’s lovely cat, Bella.

Nicole Bam Bam

Nicole’s cat, Bam Bam.

Nicole Little

Nicole’s cat, Little, exploring her handbag.

Sue Lo

Sue’s Italian Greyhound, Lo.


Tamara’s dog, Nero, enjoying a day at the beach.

Tara Jelly

Tara’s mouse, Jelly, loves the camera.

Amelia Ron1

Amelia and Jame’s cat, Ron.

Amelia Ron2

Amelia and Jame’s cat, Ron.

Ian Laney

Ian’s dog, Laney.

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