Audio Curios: It’s in the Boot!

– By Gareth Watkins (Radio Collection Developer, Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision)

Earlier this week I stumbled across a number of delightful game shows in the radio collection of Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision.

The first programme featured the much-loved entertainer Selwyn Toogood. In this excerpt, he hosts “It’s in the Bag’” from Dannevirke in 1955.


“It’s in the Bag,” 1955, NZBS

You can hear a longer version of this show here.


Then I came across “One Minute Please,” a New Zealand Broadcasting Service panel game that was recorded in front of a live audience. Two teams of three, one male and one female were given topics to discuss for one minute, with general rules of impromptu speaking.

In this excerpt – recorded at the Regal Theatre in Karori, Wellington in 1950 – panellist Catherine Ford tries valiantly to talk for a minute on the topic: why do women go to wrestling.


“One Minute Please,” 1950, NZBS


The sport of wrestling also features in Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision’s moving image collection. In the surviving offcuts to New Zealand’s first talkie feature, Down on the Farm (1935), there is a wrestling scene at 1 min 12 sec.

Down on the Farm [offcuts], 1935, Stewart Pitt


And a hundred-years-ago wrestling was an entertainment on the New Zealand troop ships heading off to World War I. In this footage shot on board H.M.N.Z.T No.12 SS Waimana, two older men wrestle watched on by New Zealand soldiers and crew.

Life On New Zealand Troop Ships / Our Boys En Route to Egypt, 1914


To get a sense of how wrestling was described on radio, have a listen to this gripping broadcast [edited excerpt] by an unidentified commentator in Wellington in 1954: Al Costello vs. Bobo Wright.


Al Costello vs Bobo Wright, 14 October 1954


And finally to round off this blog on wrestling and game shows, here’s host Selwyn Toogood advertising the Vauxhall Viva 101!


Vauxhall Viva 101, 1962, Peach Wemyss Astor



Image credit (feature image):

[Detail of] Selwyn Toogood quiz show. K E Niven and Co: Commercial negatives. Ref: 1/2-212294-F. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand.


This post is part of the Audio Curios series. Radio Collection Developer Gareth Watkins regularly comes across interesting, unique, and sometimes downright puzzling bits of audio during his accessioning work. He’s going to share some of these audio treasures with you in the Audio Curios series, which will be posted here on the Gauge blog frequently.

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