Beachside 1925

Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision staff have been admiring beachside fashion circa 1925, in anticipation of summer. This footage depicts a Motion Picture Bathing Beauty Contest held in Auckland.

The film was shot by Frank Stewart and produced by pioneer film maker Rudall Hayward.

“The first of the ‘bathing beauty’ contestants depicted appears to be Nola Casselli, who was chosen to play the role of Cecily Wake in Rewi’s Last Stand (1925). Might this contest have been a form of screen test?” – Clive Sowry. Read more, and watch the film here.






Wouldn’t it be great if swimming hats came back into fashion?




Scalloped hems too!




So much more practical than a bikini.



Upper arm bangles: another 1920s trend we wish would come back.



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