My Favourite Pet Photo Competition

We’re SUPER excited about our new PET exhibition, opening in Wellington February 13! It’s a moving image exhibition curated our 2014 Curator-at-Large Gareth Watkins, which draws on the Archive’s large home movie collection to create a homage to the family pet. Admission is free and the exhibition runs until April 12. Read more about PET here.

Preparing for PET has gotten all of us staff at the Film Archive and Sound Archives Ngā Taonga Kōrero reminiscing about our own favourite pets… Stories of affectionate pet magpies, cunning dogs and romances between cats have been bouncing around the office.

Now we’d love to see your favourite pets!

The My Favourite Pet photo competition invites you to submit photographs of your own favourite pet, for the chance to win great prizes, which include our beautiful book New Zealand Film: An Illustrated History and adorable plush animal toys.

To enter the competition, post a digital photograph of your favourite pet on the Film Archive’s Facebook or Twitter page, or email your photo to . Remember to give your name and the name of your pet along with the photo.

Photos can be recent or retro, and prizes will be awarded for:

  • Most photogenic pet.
  • Best retro shot.
  • Best contemporary.

All pet photos submitted will be published here on Gauge, the Film Archive blog – your pet will be famous!

Entries close 12 April 2014. The winners will be contacted and announced on the Film Archive blog and social media the following week.

Please see the competition Conditions of Entry at the bottom of this page.


Although Film Archive and SANTK staff are not allowed to enter the competition, we’ve gotten in on the fun and opened up the family albums to share some of our beloved creatures with you.


Amanda is Manager, Visitor Services at the Film Archive. Here’s her magpie, Magsy, with cats Itty Bitty Kitty, Lulu and Daffy.

Amanda Itty Bitty Kitty and Magsy2

Amanda Magsy Lulu Daffy

Amanda Tiny and Magsy

Click below to listen to Amanda’s memories of Magsy.


Anne is Manager, Human Resources at the Film Archive. These are her cats, Sandy and Whiskey, and her dog, Poppy – all of them are cute as buttons.

Anne Sandy

Anne Whiskey

Anne Poppy

Click here to listen to some of Anne’s cat memories.


Camilla is a Cataloguer at SANTK. This is her lovely and photogenic cat, Bertie.

Camilla Bertie

Diane P is Director, Connect Division at the Film Archive. Here are some of her favourite pets, among them Mother Cat, Zaza and Pluto.

Di Pivac Pluto






Listen to Diane’s pet stories.


Ellen is the Film Archive Publicist. Here are some of her childhood pets: cat Emma Bluebell, Rainbow Lamb, and chicks – among them Pinkie and Angela.

Ellen Emma Bluebell

Ellen lambsEllen chicks

Listen to Ellen’s pet stories.


Gareth, the curator of PET and Accessions Archivist SANKT, has a gorgeous cat called Gina.

Gareth Gina2


Hepi, Film Archive Kaikohikohi, has owned cats called Baby Coffin (the black cat) and Little B the Bass Goddess (pictured below, standing on the speaker).




Listen to Hepi’s story about how his cats got their interesting names.


Jakki, Programmes Developer at the Film Archive, has a chicken called Nina. Here’s Jakki’s husband Bryce and daughter Esther having fun with Nina.

Jakki Esther Nina

Click here to listen to Jakki’s stories about her many pets.


Kurt is Manager Conservation at the Film Archive. This is his clever cat, Tabitha.

Kurt Tabitha1Kurt Tabitha2

Kurt Tabitha3

Mishelle, Contract Archivist (Pacific Films Collection) at the Film Archive, has a soft spot for cats. Here she is with Portia, Fluffy, Aroha and Edie.

Mish Portia Fluffy Aroha Edie

Listen to Mishelle’s pet stories here.


Oscar, our Projectionist, has a beautiful dog named Artemis (who he assures us he didn’t really put out with the trash!)

Oscar Artemis

Sarah J, Client Services Archivist SANTK, also has a beautiful pooch. This is Bob.

Sarah J Bob



Emma, Film Archive Client Services Coordinator, tells us about her cat, George, who loved golf.


Diane M, Project Developer at the Film Archive, tells us about her cat Gordon, who was also her creative muse.


Louise, Film Archive Preservation Manager, tells us about her guinea pig, who enjoyed bathtime.


Mark, Manager Presentation at the Film Archive, tells us about naughty dog Jessie.


Te Iwa, Digital Transfer Operator at the Film Archive, tells us about her many childhood pets – including a dog, a horse, a piglet and a tui.



My Favourite Pet Conditions of Entry:

  • The My Favourite Pet photo competition is open to New Zealand residents only.
  • By entering this competition you grant the Film Archive permission to publish your photograph online on Gauge, the Film Archive blog.
  • Entrants may submit a maximum of three separate entries.
  • Entries will not be accepted after midnight 12 April 2014.
  • Prizes are not negotiable, the judges’ decisions are final.
  • The Film Archive reserves the right to disqualify any entries which are fraudulent, objectionable or potentially offensive, and remove images of this nature from our social media.
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