Vincent Ward, As He Was in 1990

Alex Porter (SANTK Preservation Archivist) was lucky enough to meet Vincent Ward when he received his Honorary Doctorate at The University of Canterbury recently (click here to read about her experience meeting Ward and what she took away from his talk).

After hearing Ward speak, Alex was inspired to reflect on Ward’s career as it is recorded in the Sound Archives Ngā Taonga Kōrero collection. She came across this 1990 Morning Report interview. Presenter Geoff Robinson talks to Ward about Edge of the Earth – his then in-progress book on the film industry, his New Zealand roots and their influence on his films. At this point his career was already in full swing – Ward released Vigil in 1984 and The Navigator: A Medieval Odessey in 1988. Here Ward mentions “My Father’s Hands,” a theme and iconography that has been meaningful to him across his life and career – and which would later become the title of his Honorary Doctorate speech.

Click below to the listen to the interview.

[Archival audio from Sound Archives Ngā Taonga Kōrero. Any re-use of this audio is a breach of Copyright. To request a copy of the recording, contact SANTK.]

Ward speaking during celebrations for his Honorary Doctorate.
Ward speaking during celebrations for his Honorary Doctorate.
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