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Basil Clarke (Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision collection).

Audio Curios: Live Luncheons

Join Veronkia, Niko, Michael, Christina and guests on Spätzle Radio – a live luncheon broadcast monthly on Arrow FM (Wairarapa).  This broadcast is from 7 February 2016. The programme features live traditional German baking with explanations of the dishes regional origins. 

Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision Radio Collection, all rights reserved. To enquire about re-use of this item please contact sound@ngataonga.org.nz


You can hear the full luncheons here.


This post is part of the Audio Curios series. Radio Collection Developer Gareth Watkins regularly comes across interesting, unique, and sometimes downright puzzling bits of audio during his accessioning work. He’s going to share some of these audio treasures with you in the Audio Curios series, which will be posted here on the Gauge blog frequently.

Mrs Barnard’s Gingernuts Recipe (and Sound Archives updated version)

*Read the story about Mrs Barnard’s Anzac gingernuts here.


Gingernut dough, divided and ready for rolling and baking.
Gingernut dough, divided and ready for rolling and baking.
Ingredients Mrs Barnard’s original recipe Halved (Metric) Halved (by volume) 
Plain flour 2 ¼ lb 510g 3 ½ cups
Butter ½ lb 110g ½ cup
Light brown sugar 1 lb 225g 1 ½ cups
Ground ginger 1 oz 15g 2 ½  tablespoons
Golden syrup 2 lb 454g 2 cups



  • Mrs Barnard’s original recipe would make a LOT of biscuits for the troops! We halved the quantities and still produced between 60 and 100 biscuits, depending on how large you make them.
  • If you want to avoid the need to measure out golden syrup (and getting your scales sticky) you can buy it in 500g bottles or small 454g (1lb) tins. The small tins are available in the British section of most supermarkets. However, the Chelsea Sugar website says their syrup in 1kg tins is darker and richer than both the bottled and British golden syrups.
  • If you want a hard, “dunking” gingernut biscuit that could withstand a boat trip to Gallipoli or the Western Front, bake for 15 minutes.
  • For a chewier result, reduce baking time to about 10 minutes.
  • Mrs Barnard’s biscuits were “about the size of a shilling.” The New Zealand shilling was 2.3cms in diameter, similar to the current $1 coin. We made some this size and some the more standard biscuit dimensions. Both were delicious. Continue reading

Rob Muldoon’s Pineapple Whip: The ‘Personality Cook Book’ – A 1971 Snapshot of New Zealand Broadcasting, Celebrity, Social and Culinary History

- By Sarah Davy, Director, Collect [Division] Acquisition and Research, NZFA.


Being a sucker for vintage recipe books, I recently came across a slim black volume in a Murchison second-hand shop, called the Personality Cook Book. Compiled as a fundraiser for the Petone Free Kindergarten in 1971, it contains 149 ‘Favourite recipes from New Zealand’s leading personalities and the cast of Coronation Street’. Annie Walker (‘Trifle’), Len Fairclough (‘Lancashire Hot Pot’), and everyone’s favourite, the cantankerous Ena Sharples (‘Quiche Lorraine’), grace the front cover, but I was curious as to who would be among the ‘leading personalities’ 42 years ago in New Zealand. Continue reading