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Ice Cream and the Great Kiwi Summer

 - By Ellen Pullar, Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision Communications Advisor

It has been a cracker of a summer so far! If you’re anything like us you’ll have been flocking to the corner dairy or soft serve truck for icy treats to stay cool (conveniently there are two dairies and a gelato stall on Taranaki St, on the same block as Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision Wellington, but I digress…). Ice cream has been a quintessential part of the kiwi summer for generations — it’s up there with jandals and stubbies. And, did you know, according to the wise and wonderful Aunt Daisy, it’s good for your health?

A few items from the Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision collections that document our nation’s longstanding adoration of ice cream follow.

A Sporting Topical (1928) 


This newsreel was made by Lawrie Inkster. The Greymouth-based Lawrie Inkster and his wife Hilda were prolific makers of home movies and newsreels. Their films document family and social life, leisure activities and public events in the region during the 1920s through the 1940s, with much warmth and energy. Here we see a group of young women, smartly dressed in the flapper style then current (including cloche hats and stylish headbands) perched on a sand dune, enjoying their ice creams. Continue reading

The Dog’s got Bite

We’re so excited to be screening Sleeping Dogs at a quality standard never before seen, we’ve let our enthusiasm off the leash…

It’s all about Sleeping Dogs this week! And with almost perfect precision, too.  The Kiwi blockbuster premiered at the Wintergarden in Auckland on 6 October 1977, 37 years ago this week.

The original 1977 poster for NZs original blockbuster, and first US distributed film: Sleeping Dogs
The original 1977 poster for Sleeping Dogs, NZ’s first home-made blockbuster, and the first US distributed film to be made entirely here. 


The centrepiece is, of course, the incredible newly-reformatted feature film playing in our Wellington cinema. We’re screening a sparkling new, restored DCP version of the film, courtesy of the New Zealand Film Commission Digitisation Programme. Screening times are here.

Sleeping Dogs DCP test
The newly digitised version of Sleeping Dogs hits Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision’s cinema screen during a DCP test ride. This pic got our social media channels buzzing with reactions about the incredible quality (and garnered a certain amount of appreciation for Sam Neill).


Meanwhile, our Wellington TV Lounge is hosting Dream in the Making, an absorbing 20-minute documentary that takes you behind the scenes of Sleeping Dogs.  The doco will screen on a loop on days that the film is playing, so you can turn up anytime to watch the film crew in motion and see director Roger Donaldson and other key players working through everything from the script, to the stunts, to the special effects. These TV Lounge showings are free of charge. Continue reading