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The Korean War ran from 1950 - 1953 and was fought between North Korea and South Korea with the United Nations and the Peoples Republic of China taking active roles in the conflict. New Zealand sent a contingent known as KayForce which arrived at Pusan on New Years Eve 1950 and then joined the 27th British Commonwealth Infantry Brigade.

This amateur film was taken by Chaplain Major Percy Lionel Smith who served as a padre in Korea and Japan and also worked with the Salvation Army.

COL. LS SIGN ”Coronation Year Korea 1953” made of white stones on cleared earth. HS Overlooking New Zealand Army personnel being led in prayer beside a Union Jack draped over packing case. GV United States Army H 19 Chickasaw helicopter taking off and landing near RNZA personnel and crates. Engineering bulldozers on road - 1 slipped down embankment. GV Korean civilians sitting on hillside - another leading a buffalo. GV Rural Korean countryside and hills. GV US Army troop convoy awaiting completion of repairs to the road. LS GV Artillery bombardment on hillside - Smoke rising from detonations. LS GV Sunset above hills. GV Series of flags flying on hill above the United Nations Memorial Cemetery. SIGN “UNMC” emblazoned on hillside. New Zealand flag flying from flagpole. GV PAN ACROSS War graves and white crosses at UNMC

B&W. GV New Zealand Army soldiers gathered on wharf near troopships. GV Anti aircraft gun atop harbour installation. GV Ships moored in Korean port, cranes and harbour facilities, small ships and ferries moving across water [Pusan - Busan]. GV New Zealand soldiers digging holes and trenches. GV NZ Army soldiers participating in wood chopping competition. GV Running race, long jump, tug-of-war - New Zealand and Australian soldiers participating. New Zealand Army Officers waving while standing next to SIGN “The 38th Parallel”. NZ Officers standing near tent with SIGN “Salvation Army”. LS Korean civilians standing waving signs near parked military ambulances. LS GV US Army troop covoy and vehicles towing 155mm artillery guns. GV NZ soldier erecting tent near piles of supplies and jeep with SIGN ”Chaplain”. Small shrine on hillside [Japanese - Korean, Buddhist]. GV Sprawling cemetery in rural valley with scattered houses, terraced hillsides in BG [Japanese - Korean - Buddhist]. HS Overlooking agricultural workers in field near mounds of hay. GV Military aircraft flying overhead. NZ Flag flying above corrugated iron quonset hut [nissen hut]. United States Army trucks driving on rural road. GV NZ Army soldiers standing near Quonset hut and tents in rural valley. PAN ACROSS Māori NZ soldiers sitting with injured South Korean soldier - 1 man sticking tongue out at camera. NZ Army Rugby team posing for photo on sideline. NZ Army rugby team warming up and talking on sideline, passing ball around. GV NZ Army officers and enlisted men standing talking and lounging about near jeeps and trucks - vehicles have US Army star markings, some American and South Korean soldiers mingling. GV NZ soldiers playing rugby.

European women and officer standing on a balcony overlooking cityscape [Japan Korea]. GV Hills and ridgelines surrounding urban area in [Japan - Kora]. South Korean officer standing atop building overlooking urban area. PAN ACROSS Agricultural workers harvesting crops. GV Korean woman and children threshing crops. GV Commonwealth soldiers examining and fixing engine of US Army jeep stuck in roadside water. GV Korean children in countryside - one stares at camera. GV Dirt roads in rural agricultural area. GV Military officers from various countries standing talking near corrugated iron huts - New Zealand, Australia, Great Britain, [France] [United States] [South Korea] [Belgium] [South Africa] [South Africa] [Canada], GV New Zealand Army standing posing for camera in rocky field.

COL: GV Royal Air Force Stinson Sentinel reconnaissance plane flying overhead. WS trucks and jeeps driving on newly constructed bridge spanning Imjin river. PAN L Across trucks and fuel tankers parked near supply dump and fuel tanks - river in BG. PAN R From Military Police officer standing near guardhouse with SIGN “Parker Memorial Bridge” across supports and roadway of newly constructed bridge crossing Imjin river. GV Jeeps and trucks carrying Commonwealth soldiers crossing Parker Memorial Bridge. GV Commonwealth soldier walking near metal stakes supporting barbed wire amongst earthworks. Royal Air Force reconnaissance aircraft flying overhead. Jeep with SIGN “The Salvation Army” driving on road. GV Morris C8 quad towing 25 pounder gun across bridge [16th Field regiment, Royal New Zealand Artillery]. GV United Nations officer talking with Korean civilians outside building [church] with shattered windows. WS United Nation officer talking to Korean civilian in rocky field - industrial buildings and smokestack in BG. United Nations officer walking across rocky ground with Korean village in BG. Korean man squatting tying item with rope. GV Korean children standing singing outside brick building [school]. Korean child playing trumpet. GV Korean village situated on rocky hillside - power poles in FG. GV Korean children smiling at camera. WS GV Agricultural land, rice paddies and rural houses. GV Korean agricultural workers handling sheaves of crops and stooks of grain standing in fields. PAN R Across Korean children sitting on rock wall with crowds of children in schoolyard in BG. PAN L Across hills and ridges covered in vegetation, rural buildings in FG. PAN L Across military ambulances parked on cleared ground to tents and other buildings [Mobile Army Surgical Headquarters]. GV United States Army trucks driving on rural roads past Korean houses and villagers. GV Korean civilians at large and busy village market - baskets and bales of goods and foodstuffs. Korean man leading buffalo towing wagon of lumber. Apples on display at market stall. GV Korean women carrying baskets and bushels of foodstuffs on heads - many children being carried on backs. GV Korean village officials overseeing sacks of food being unloaded from carts and carried into large official looking building - Commonwealth officers standing watching. Commonwealth officer standing examining woman’s dress as Korean men stack sacks inside building. GV Commonwealth officers posing for camera by jeep with SIGN “The Salvation Army”. Korean children standing outside building with military officers. GV Commonwealth officer leading Korean children in song outside building. WS Korean children in traditional dress jumping up and down on seesaw outside houses. PAN L Across shops with woks and cookware on display outside. South Korean soldiers marching with flags held at front of column. Korean man leading shaggy pony towing cart of firewood. HS PAN R Across cotton sheets and raw cotton hanging on frames near rural village - Mountainous ridges in BG. LS Korean man combing raw cotton hanging on frame. GV M43 self propelled artillery sitting on M25 tank transporter on roadside in city. GV Korean girls in traditional dress smiling for camera outside house. GV Korean boys in school uniform playing besides wooden fence. WS SIGN “Name maker shop, make 3 minutes” above store in busy city street - people walking and cars parked outside.

B&W: EXT GV Traditional Korean building surrounded by stone wall - military personnel walking nearby. GV Korean school children inside classroom seen through windows. GV Soldiers posing for camera amongst statues at Royal tomb of the Joseon Dynasty. GV Korean man standing near large statues at Royal tomb of the Joseon Dynasty. HS Overlooking Korean village and agricultural land. Korean man [Tomb Keeper] and soldiers posing for camera. GV Crowds of Korean people at market on roadside in city - basket maker at work. GV New Zealand Army officer shaking hands with South Korean officials and women in traditional dress and posing for camera. GV South Korean women in traditional dress posing for camera and waving books. GV South Korean officers and women standing singing. WS Korean family in formal dress posing for camera in front of large brick building. WS Crowds of soldiers standing on sidewalk in city - jeeps and trucks driving on street. WS GV Koreans posing for camera in front of large building with SIGN ”The Salvation Army Headquarters Korea”. TRACKING SHOT GV Passing by column of Koreans marching on road carrying banners - military trucks driving nearby. PAN R Across line of New Zealand Army soldiers posing for camera outside tents. MS Clouds of smoke billowing from smoke grenade placed on ground. Military personnel standing talking near jeeps as smoke issues from smoke grenade in BG. GV Female Salvation Army chaplain standing with NZ Army officer and Korean man near car with packages on bonnet. GV Car with SIGN “The Salvation Army” parked near brick building with packages on bonnet. GV Korean man carrying packages from bonnet of car to building. MS United States Army M4 Sherman tank driving near military camp. GV Military personnel standing talking near tent with SIGN “Padre P.L. Smith”. LS US Army engineering tank driving haltingly along dirt road. GV New Zealand Army soldiers standing at table outside with chicken carcasses and potatoes - grinning and smiling as they prepare hangi. Large log fire burning on open ground. WS Māori soldier brandishing chicken carcass like mere and performing wero - whakataritari - taki near table full of food - other soldiers smiling and laughing.

COL: GV New Zealand officers and soldiers standing near wharf - 1 carries guitar. MS New Zealand officers standing outside building. GV New Zealand soldiers standing at railing of ferry sailing through harbour [Pusan - Busan]. GV Smith family reunion on wharf. EXT The Salvation Army Citadel, Broadway, Manawatu. GV Boy Scouts and Girls Brigade marching in parade carrying flags. GV Children in Girls Brigade and Boy Scout uniforms posing for camera in garden. GV People in Salvation Army uniforms riding bicycles and posing for camera. GV Smith family enjoying picnic in gardens. GV Crowds of people at beach and people in swim wear. Youths standing on beach holding camera. WS Men seated on seawall near parked cars. People crossing road with Salvation Army hall in BG.

B&W: School girls in uniform standing in lines. PAN R Across women standing wearing Waihi netball uniform. GV Girls playing netball in Waihi uniform - other netball games and spectators in BG. PAN R Across girls in netball uniform posing for camera. GV Girls in uniform playing netball. PAN R Across girls in Waihi netball uniform posing for camera - man at end of row waves to camera. GV Young men playing rugby on muddy pitch. GV School boys playing rugby on muddy pitch.

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Year 1953

Reference number F55116

Collection Film and Video Collection

Media type Moving Image

Place of Production NEW ZEALAND/AOTEAROA

Genre Amateur

Duration 0:33:00

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