ONE NEWS. 05/10/2005

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A historic decision has been handed down by the court saying that people with HIV do not need to tell sexual partners they are HIV positive as long as they use a condom. Justin Dalley; Rachael Le Mesurier (Aids Foundation); Voxpop; Erin Conroy (Reporting from Wellington).

Tributes are being paid tonight to former National MP John Falloon, who has died. Don Brash (National Leader).

Indonesian Police have questioned dozens of people in a widening hunt for the masterminds behind the Bali bombing that killed 22. Athol Soper (New Zealand Police Liaison Officer); Michael Holland (Reporting from Kuta, Bali); Stephanie Breen (New Zealand Nurse); Natasha McGrath (Bali Traveller).

400 volunteers have been injected with a test vaccine in Australia, in the hopes of having a vaccine established in the event of a feared bird flu pandemic. Terry Nolan (Chief Investigator).

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