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“‘Once upon a time there was a woman who lived on the back of a man's tongue...’ When Belinda's father dies she decides to do what she has always wanted to: move to the city and become a writer. The move proves instantly significant because across the street from her new loft Belinda discovers two women she is immediately drawn towards: the elderly Violet, who has retired from publishing and understands what Belinda wants to become; and Suzanne, an artist whose new show has just opened and whose success Belinda wants to emulate. Suzanne, in turn, lives with Tony, a popular TV soap actor. However, their relationship is in trouble due to Tony's frustration at feeling trapped in a role that is bad for his career, but which pays too much to just walk away from. He's looking for an escape from his life - which is when Belinda catches his eye. Suddenly, Violet dies. This event causes Belinda and Suzanne to reappraise what they are doing with their lives. Suzanne responds by moving into her studio for a few days, giving Tony time to sort himself out. Seeing her leave, Belinda decides to respond to Tony's flirtation and knocks on his door. Tony's response is to invite her to stay the night. Belinda is delirious for two reasons: because she gets to play "Suzanne" with Tony, and because this is exactly the sort of experience she needs to write her first novel. Meanwhile, Tony knows he shouldn't be doing this - but he just can't help himself. Inevitably, Suzanne returns to her apartment and discovers Belinda not only there, but also wearing her clothes. Belinda tries to brazen it out. But the effort is too much, and Suzanne returns to her studio, while Belinda goes back to her loft, disgusted with herself and her behaviour. Oblivious to the fact the women have met, Tony arrives home to find his apartment empty. So he crosses the street and woos Belinda back into his bed. Now, after they have spent a romantic day together, Belinda is convinced that Tony loves her. But that night Suzanne has a change of heart. Returning to their apartment, she tells Tony she wants a reconciliation. He says he wants one too. But then she discovers Belinda is still there! This is Not a Love Story is a wry, [comedic] story about sex and love, success and failure, creativity and careers.” Andrew Calder;; 31/01/2007

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Year 2002

Reference number F97156

Collection Film and Video Collection

Media type Moving Image

Place of Production NEW ZEALAND/AOTEAROA

Genre Feature

Duration 1:31:00

Production company Loose Unit

Viewing locations Digital file available to view at medialibrary, Wellington

Credits Director: Keith Hill
Writer: Keith Hill
Cast: Sarah Smuts-Kennedy
Cast: Stephen Lovatt
Cast: Peta Rutter
Cast: Beryl Te Wiata
Cast: Stelios Yiakmis
Cast: Bruce Hopkins
Cast: Tandi Wright
Cast: Alan De Malmanche
Cast: Peter Elliott
Cast: Ismay Johnston
Producer: Andrew Calder
Producer: Keith Hill
Original Music: Steve Garden
Cinematography: Phil Burchell
Film Editing: Keith Hill
Production Design: Cath Enchmarch
Costume Design: Fiona Nichols
Makeup Department: Vanessa Koch
Second Unit Director: Hamish McFarlane