Party Political Broadcast. Labour opening. 01/10/1990

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The broadcast starts with Mike Moore and his wife Yvonne being interviewed by Gary McCormick in front of the campaign opening audience. The topics covered include: a trip to Poland as trade minister, ANZUS, New Zealand's nuclear policy, and meat exports. Mike Moore mentions energy and enterprise, new health boards and waiting lists, higher education, the pension and benefit levels, increased penalties for crime and neighbourhood groups making people safer. An advertisement runs featuring Mike Moore and emphasising trade, low interest rates, real jobs and growth. At 15.16 mins Mike Moore gives a speech covering: oil shocks, dairy, Telethon as an example of generosity, the growth agreement, 'shabby back room deal', controlling the deficit, the Uruguay round of agreements on trade and tariffs (GATT negotiations), export earnings. The broadcast ends with the song ' Labour's leading us into the future'.

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Year 1990

Reference number F101265

Collection Film and Video Collection

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Genre Television

Duration 0:29:00