Party Political Broadcast. 03/10/1990

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The NZ Democratic Party broadcast shows Garry Knapp at home. He introduces his wife Lee and their children Persia and Sian. He mentions his two other children, Fiona and Cory. Garry talks about hospital waiting lists, unemployment, the cost of living in retirement, crime and under-resourcing of police. The scene switches to an office where Garry sits with Terry Heffernan, his deputy leader. Garry talks about citizens' referenda and proportional representation as solutions and mentions that Labour and National are opposed. He ends with the slogan ' It's time you had your say'. The Christian Heritage Party of New Zealand follows. John Allen, their spokesman is interviewed. He mentions health and safety and prosperity,and describes the Party's principles as based on biblical ones putting families front and centre, children sing the national anthem to finish. The party political broadcast for Social Credit New Zealand shows the leader Bruce Beetham speaking to the camera from a desk. He promises to restimulate production to eliminate unemployment, by lowering interest rates. He promises to pay people the equivalent amount of the value of goods and services produced. A national dividend will be paid to all citizens. Social Credit New Zealand will introduce optional retirement at 55 years of age on 80% of the net average wage and there will be no super surcharge. Mr Beetham spruiks proportional representation and citizens' referenda and makes claims for the party's environmental policy and no nuclear warships. The broadcast ends with the slogan ' Social Credit. Way to go'. The New Labour broadcast features Jim Anderton, leader of the NLP. He mentions affordable housing, stopping the sale of state assets, and growth. The health spokesperson is Marie Leadbeater. She promises free doctor visits and prescriptions and reopening closed hospitals. Len Richards, the housing spokesperson talks about affordable housing. Ella Henry, the education spokesperson, says that education should be free, including preschool and promises to abolish the student fees. Joce Jesson is the environment spokesperson and promises glass milk bottles, recycling and no nuclear warships.. The Greens Party broadcast features Stephen Rainbow who talks about survival, global warming, the green house effect and Chernobyl. Ruth Norman talks about caring for the Earth, halting forestry, climate change, Cyclone Bola and people before profits. Martin Williams talks about caring for people and farming tourism. Dianne Gatward talks about proportional representation, the Greens' intending to be the government in ten years. The boradcast ends with the slogan 'Vote Green. Your vote can force change'.

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Year 1990

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