TV3 NATIONAL NEWS. 11/01/1991

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A lower speed limit is among the measures the government is considering if the Gulf crisis threatens fuel supplies. Regulations in place from earlier oil shocks (1981) provide radical moves to stem demand. Speaker: George Fairbairn, (Automobile Association), David Russell, (Consumers Institute), Pablo Garcia, (C N G Kit Importer)

At Burnham Army Camp training for army medics, destined for the Gulf, has been stepped up with emphasis on chemical warfare drills.

New Zealand Customs and Police Officers are being asked to look out for Australian murderer Larry James Manager. Queensland Police are offering a 50,000 dollar reward for his capture.

800 freezing workers at Southland’s Mataura plant have returned to work after voting to accept pay cuts of up to 40%. Only one vote was cast in the ballet with the rest abstaining.

Teams of firefighters are fighting a large grass fire between the hills of Blenheim and Seddon. It is thought a train may have started the blaze.

Earlier today passengers on the Southern Express had to be evacuated as a carriage caught fire, setting fire to grass along the track. Speaker: Ken Thomson, (Train Manager)

The Silver Fern has derailed near Linton, south of Palmerston North, tonight. A hostess and a passenger suffered minor injuries. The passengers are now being bussed to Wellington

Foreign Affairs Minister Don McKinnon says it is time to forget our past differences with Fiji, The minister Is due to travel to Fiji next week. Speaker: Don McKinnon (Deputy Prime Minister)

A Nelson Company is mixing fish waste with bark to make a unique odourless compost. Speakers: Stuart Meyer, (Marketing Manager), Harry Shultz, (Market Gardener)

Rob Macgregor and his two unemployed assistants are cleaning up rubbish from Tauranga beaches. Speaker: Rob MacGregor, Jo Wilson (Litter Bug Run).

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Year 1991

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