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ABC News: The Liberation of Kuwait begins as the US launches Operation Desert Storm. Correspondents in Israel & Saudi Arabia report in. Little official information- analysts analyse & speculate.

Locally collated bulletin includes NZ anchors & commentators. Recap of this afternoon's events. Coverage from the ABC. voxpop (AKLers); Steve Hoadley (AKL Uni Political Scientist).

Day One, Operation Desert Storm. Satellite coverage from the USA's ABC network, and local commentary. Correspondents in the Middle East report in, analysts & strategists comment. Role of the weather; peace movement protests, financial markets react. George Bush (US Pres., reading statement); Richard Cheney (US Sec. of Defense); Jim Bolger, PM (press conference & studio interview); Steve Hoadley (AKL Uni., Political Studies); Colin Powell (Joint Chiefs of Staff chair); James Baker (US State Sec.); John Glenn (US Senator); Edward Meyer (retired, Army General, USA); Les Aspin (chair, US Armed Services Cmte); Bernard Trainor (retired Marine Corp General, USA); Charles Donnelly (retired Air Force General, USA); Alan Wills (AKL sharebroker); Sue Bradford (peace protestor); Schmuel Ovnat (Israeli Ambassador to NZ); Lee Hamilton (US House of Representatives); Barry Lovegrove (fmr hostage); Mohammed Abdulhasan (Kuwaiti Ambassador to UN); Zuhair Diab (fmr Syrian diplomat); Ewan Jamieson (fmr NZ Defense Chief); Tony Trewinnard (weather consultant); Joyce Browne (AKL Gulf Crisis Cmte); Kim Tay (Gulf Protest Spokesperson); Hal Hornburg (US Air Force); Stuart Footal (Captain, Queen's Own Highlanders).

Operation Desert Storm has begun. A chronology of events to date. Reaction in NZ & Australia. News reports from US & British TV, and correspondents in the Gulf. Tony al-Moogdad (Arabian Community in NZ); Bob Hawke (Australian PM); Ross Ewing (fmr RNZAF strike pilot); Schmuel Ovnat (Israeli Ambassador to NZ); Ron MacIntyre (C'bury Uni, Middle East specialist).

Coverage of Operation Desert Storm continues. British TV (BBC Breakfast Show) linkup. Reaction in Japan & Australia. Impact on oil reserves & prices. British tabloid headlines. Ron MacIntyre (Middle East specialist); Mike Moore, MP (Studio interview); James Walkins (US Energy Sec); Ahmed Zaki Yamani (fmr Saudi Oil Minister); Henry Schuler (Cntre Stategic & Intl Studies); Tim Wirth (US Senator); Doug Bandow (CATO Inste); Alan Bollard (economist); voxpop (NZers); John Major (British PM).

Coverage of Operation Desert Storm continues. Impact on world trade, GATT. First pictures of Allied air strike. Coverage taken from BBC & ABC correspondents in the Gulf. Highlights from today's coverage. Soviet reaction. Iranian reaction. World sharemarkets soar. Philip Burdon, MP (Assoc. Minister External Relations & Trade); John Major (GB PM, press conference); Richard Harman (TVNZ political editor); voxpop; Tony Al-Moogdad (NZ Arabic community); Bill Harris (Otago Uni.); Ewan Jamieson (fmr NZ Defense Chief); Trevor Pye (corporate dealer); Saddam Hussein (on Baghdad Radio); Karen Lane (Hostage Families' SupportGroup); Alistair lane (fmr hostage); Mikhail Gorbachev (USSR Pres.); Boris Yeltsin (Russian Fedn Pres.); Margaret Thatcher (fmr GB PM.

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Year 1991

Reference number F102594

Collection Film and Video Collection

Media type Moving Image


Genre Television

Duration 1:40:00

Production company Television New Zealand

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