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Persian Gulf War news. Highlights from day's events & coverage. NZ items on: public reaction, peace protests, Iraqis in NZ; sharemarket & exchange rate news. Ken Burslem (Correspondent in Los Angeles); Douglas Hurd (British Foreign Minister); Ewan Jamieson (fmr Defense Chief of Staff); Mark Allen (protestor).

NBC News: The Liberation of Kuwait begins as the USA launches Operation Desert Storm. Correspondents in the Gulf report in. Analysts speculate.

NBC News: America at War: Operation Desert Shield, Persian Gulf War. Events, rationale, tactics, strategies, options. Bush addresses the nation. Correspondents in the Gulf & at Pentagon report in. World financial markets. Mohammed Abbul Hassan (Kuwaiti Ambassador to UN); Edward Peck (fmr Chief of Mission, Iraq); Harry Summers (military strategist); David Boren (chair, Intelligence Cmte); George Bush (address to the nation); Richard Cheney (Secretary of Defense); Colin Powell (Joint Chiefs of Staff); Ehud Olmert (Israeli Health Minister); Bob Hormats (v-c Goldman Sachs); John Dancy (State Dept); James Zogby (Arab-American Inste).

NBC News: America at War: Persian Gulf war news coverage continues; comment by specialists. William Odom (fmr Dir., National Security Agency); Les Aspin (chair Armed Services Cmte); Joyce Starr (US Global Strategy Cncl).

NBC News- America at War: Persian Gulf war coverage continues: including Soviet role & comment. Harry Summers (military specilaist); Ken Moranville (US Navy ret.); William Odam (fmr Dir., National Security Agency); Vitaly Korotich (ed., Ogonyok).

War in the Gulf: continued coverage from NBC, BBC & TV3; latest developments; NZ public opinion; debate in British parmt; comment by analysts & experts. voxpop; George Bush (US Pres.); Margaret Thatcher (fmr GB PM); John Major (GB PM); Neil Kinnock (GB Labour Party leader); Robert Hager (The Pentagon); Adel Darwish (The Independent); Hossein Askari (George Washington Uni.); William Burrows (Reconnaissance specialist); Brian Jenkins (Terrorist expert); Mark Pelervin (US Jewish Congress); Frank DeFord (ed., The National); James Jones (chair, NY Stock Exchange); George Mitchell (Senate Majority leader).

Replay of George Bush's address to the nation.

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Year 1991

Reference number F103105

Collection Film and Video Collection

Media type Moving Image


Genre Television

Duration 0:41:00

Production company NBC

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