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Aerial shot of Auckland’s, then-new, eastern suburb with subtitle “Pakuranga”. Voiceover: “In Pakuranga 300 women tested an unmarked powder cleanser.” Three women in white coats emerge from a white van each carrying the mystery cleaner and a clipboard. Voiceover continues: “Here’s how Mrs Clapshaw found it.”
Mrs Clapshaw, Pakuranga (identified by subtitle) tells her interviewer: “I find that with this particular product I don’t have to rub as hard. It looks cleaner and shinier. And , as you can see from here -” She runs her hand over the rim of the bathroom sink and continues, “Well, I think the end result is marvellous and I’d use the product again.
Interviewer: “Would you buy?”
Mrs Clapshaw: “Yes, definitely - that’s if I knew what it was!”
Interviewer: “It’s Vim”. She proffers a container of Vim.
Mrs Clapshaw laughs in surprise; “Vim! Is it?!”
A container of Vim on the edge of a clean bath. Voiceover: “Vim. Bleach plus lemon detergent. A better clean without hard rubbing.” The last sentence appears onscreen beside the VIm.“ A better clean without hard rubbing.”

Viewer Mark spots what looks like a bottle of Yves St. Laurent's Rive Gauche eau de toilette spray beside the hand basin. “Very posh for New Zealand in 1974,” he writes.

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Year 1974

Reference number C2847

Collection Film and Video Collection

Media type Moving Image

Place of Production NEW ZEALAND/AOTEAROA

Genre Advertisement

Duration 0:00:30