Morning report. 1993-10-12, ENVIRONMENT - ASIAN GYPSY MOTH ALERT

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The Forest Owner's Association is concerned that a ship infested with Asian Gypsy Moth was found on a ship in the Auckland port. The eggs were found on the Hong Kong registered Saint Cloud. Concern was expressed that the ship had been in Australian ports without the
infestation being noticed. Peter Fowler reports, including i/v with Ken Shirley, Forest Owners' Association Exec. Director. Also,live i/v with Minister of Forestry John Falloon.

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Year 1993

Reference number 13554

Media type AUDIO

Collection Sound Collection

Ngā Taonga Korero Collection

Credits FALLOON, John
Fowler, Peter
Shirley, Ken
New Zealand Forest Owners' Association

Duration 00:06:07

Date 12 Sep 1993

Subject Ecology/Topical
Forest protection/Topical
Forests and forestry/Topical
Gypsy moth/Topical