Morning report. 1993-11-17, TRADE - NAFTA AGREEMENT IN AMERICA

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A report previewing a crucial vote in the US Congress to ratify the North American Free Trade Agreement, and the prospects for New Zealand's trade in North America. Tino Pereira - interview with Warren Head, executive director of the New Zealand / United States Business Council, interview with Neville Mitchell from the New Zealand Dairy Board. Then, live interview with Simon Tisdall, Guardian newspaper correspondent in Washington.

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Year 1993

Reference number 13686

Media type AUDIO

Collection Sound Collection

Ngā Taonga Korero Collection

Credits HEAD, Warren
Pereira, Lualemana Tino
New Zealand Dairy Board
Canada. Treaties, etc. 1992 Oct. 7

Duration 00:07:02

Date 17 Nov 1993

Subject United States
Free trade -- North America/Topical