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A patient abused by the convicted sex offender and former doctor Morgan Fahey is horrified by newspaper reports that he had the files of former patients in his prison cell. Last year Fahey was sentenced to six years in prison after admitting 13 sex crimes against women patients. The Christchurch Press is reporting that a search of Fahey's cell at Rolleston Prison found the medical files of former women patients. The Corrections Department is refusing to either confirm or deny the report. I spoke to one of the women abused by Fahey - she does not want to be named but wants to know if the allegations are true and, if so, how Fahey managed to retain the files. I asked how she reacted when she heard the reports. PREREC
The Corrections Department wont be interviewed on the story but says an [illegible] inquiry is now underway. The Chairperson of the Medical Association [illegible] Adams joins us now. LIVE
To the High Court in Napier now, and in a rare legal move, the man who's admitted he abducted, raped and killed a woman near Hastings in January, has taken the stand to defend himself against a further charge. 23 year old Dartelle Alder is accused of using his motor vehicle as a weapon against Wellington woman Margaret Lynne Baxter, by deliberately running her down. Heugh Chappell is covering the trial and joins me now. LIVE WITH DROP INS
The government's back down on fast tracking anti-terrorism legislation has created the unusual situation of the Greens and the ACT party being in agreement. The government had planned to pass tough new laws by Christmas, but faced with widespread outrage, including from unions and civil liberty groups, the changes will now be open to public scrutiny. Here's political reporter, Jane Patterson. PKGE
[illegible], in the United States, president George Bush has addressed the American people about the war on terrorism, reassuring them about what his government is doing to ensure the public's safety. Our Washington correspondent Steve Mort reports. PKGE
The final hours of the Australian election campaign are being dominated by refugee policies. The issue has come to the fore again after two women drowned off the north-west Australian coast after the Indonesian vessel they were on burned and sank. The incident comes as the Howard Government scrambles to defend its credibility over its claims that a group of asylum seekers threw their children overboard near Christmas Island last month - a claim the navy has not backed up. In light of that contradiction Prime Minister John Howard today chose his words carefully speaking on Australian radio. CUT Labor leader Kim Beazley has been reluctant to enter the refugee debate - instead he's focused on pitching his policies to voters. CUT
Mr Howard moved quickly today releasing what would normally be a confidential navy report on yesterday's fatal fire on the refugee boat. The report concludes those on board the boat deliberately lit the fire destroying their craft in a bid to avoid being sent back to Indonesia. I asked our correspondent in Canberra Kerry Anne Walsh why Mr Howard has made the report public. PREREC
Residents of West Auckland are upset at government suggestions that it may have to spray a much larger area of the city to kill a noxious moth. The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry is already planing to conduct an aerial spraying campaign to kill off the painted apple moth. Now, the Ministry says if that fails, it may have to spray a much larger part of West Auckland - as Anna Louise Taylor reports, that's angering local residents. PKGE
The South Pacific is warming up faster than any other region in the world, according to figures released today at an international conference of climate scientists in Auckland. The figures have been compiled from Pacific weather records for the last 50 years and the results have surprised scientists. While a series of El Ninos late last century kept temperatures cooler in New Zealand, [illegible] not the case for Australia, the Cook Islands, Fiji, French Polynesia, New Caledonia the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu. Climate expert Dr Jim Salinger says the records show that these countries temperatures rose by half to one degree, while the average warming for the entire globe was 0.6 degrees. He says the difference is a huge surprise. PREREC
The government is expected to make an announcement next week about the future of the controversial technique of xenotransplantation in New Zealand.
Xenotransplantation is the technique of transplanting live animal cells into humans.
And while a New Zealand company is at the forefront of research in this area, it may be years before the controversial technique can be used in this country. Nikki Macdonald reports. PKGE
A dazzling hailstorm of shooting stars is set to light up New Zealand skies later this month. (start on the 17th of nov) The Leonid meteor shower is an annual event but astronomers are predicting this one will be the biggest in 35 years and warn it may knock out at least one satellite. A previous dramatic meteor shower in 1833 provoked a religious revival among eyewitnesses who [illegible] the day of judgement had come. Would be star gazers will have to rise early to see the phenomenon when it is at its brightest on the 19th of November - I asked Auckland Observatory astronomer Jenny McCormick what they can expect to see. PREREC

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