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Health authorities are appealing for calm and patience as they grapple to establish the causes of three unexpected and sudden deaths in Dunedin. Officials say they are still trying to identify whether there is a common cause for the sudden collapse and death of the two women and a man, all aged in their 40s and 50s. Autopsies have shown they suffered from pulmonary haemorrhages, or bleeding into the lungs. The Director General of Public Health Colin Tukuitonga says preliminary checks of other district health boards have found no further cases and people can be reassured by this. CUT Dr Colin Tukuitonga says its the people who get sick very very quickly who should seek medical attention. Well joining us now to discuss the latest is our reporter in Dunedin, Nathan Mills... LIVE WITH DROPINS
Joining us now to is microbiologist Doctor Tim Blackmore. LIVE
A cycle race organiser, found guilty of criminal nuisance after the death of a competitor, has been fined 10-thousand dollars. Astrid Anderson has just been sentenced in relation to the death of Vanessa Caldwell, during the race between Christchurch and Akaroa in March, 2001. The jury at her trial earlier this month accepted the Crown's argument that Astrid Anderson had not done enough to ensure competitors were fully aware that the race course was not closed to traffic. Our reporter Katy Gossett is with us now ..........LIVE
Joining me now is Astrid Anderson. LIVE
Police in South Auckland want the public's help in their investigations into a [illegible] in the Mangere town centre which has left a man with serious head [illegible]. The Pacific Island man was found almost beaten to death at a bus stop this morning - he is not expected to survive his injuries. Detective Senior [illegible] Neil Grimstone joins us now. LIVE
[illegible] HEADLINES
The Marlborough deputy mayor Andrew Barker says a meeting in Blenheim today [illegible] district councillors and iwi has helped clear the air over the [illegible] and seabed issue. The Mayor Tom Harrison and three councillors didn't [illegible] but nine other councillors met with representatives of top of the South [illegible] iwi who have laid the Marlborough Sounds claims. Andrew Barker says the [illegible] hour meeting has helped remove much of the heat from an issue which, he [illegible], has become far too emotional. CUT Mr Barker says the councillors agreed [illegible] to investigate iwi claims that council hearings in the early to mid 1990s discriminated against Maori by repeatedly turning down iwi applications for marine farm space. He says he'll be asking council officers to check the records for evidence of that. CUT Also coming out of the meeting today was a decision by the councillors to call for a review of the district council's appeal to the Privy Council over the Marlborough Sounds claims. The council decided on the appeal several weeks ago for what they described as "insurance" against the government granting foreshore and seabed rights - but Mr Barker says the Privy Council appeal can now be reasessed..
The local iwi are now preparing to take part in a national Hui over the weekend to discuss possible action against the government's controversial proposals for the seabed and foreshore. Our reporter Gideon Porter is in Blenheim where the Hui is formally underway. LIVE
Front line police officers want to have electric stun guns to protect themselves from violent offenders under the influence of pure methamphetamine, or 'P'. The police commissioner's office is considering introducing the American-made Taser guns, which temporarily stun victims with a 50-thousand volt charge delivered through two electric prongs. The police association's vice president Richard Middleton wants a decision soon, and is blaming an explosion in methamphetamine use for the 20 percent rise in serious attacks on [illegible] officers in the last 12 months. He says pepper or OC spray doesn't always work against meth users who can be extremely violent and irrational. PREREC
The police association's vice president Richard Middleton. The police commissioner's office told Checkpoint that no decision on the use of stun guns is expected soon.
Dental therapists will soon become registered health professionals, and are hoping the changes will bring them a higher profile. At the same time there's concern at the shortage of therapists in the health system. In Wellington, a branch of the Dental Therapists Association has been revived, to provide professional support and promote development for its members. Jane O'Loughlin was at the launch of the association. PKGE
As Fiordland continues to tremble with aftershocks from last week's big quake a geophysicist claims he's about five years away from being able to predict such events. Professor Frank Evison from Victoria University's school of earth sciences has been working for 20 years on earthquake prediction, after noticing that the 1976 Fiordland quake was preceded by an unusal burst of [illegible] tremors.
Professor Evison says this sent him off on a search for the same simple pattern before other recorded earthquakes, and he's now identified it in over 50 quakes around the world. PREREC
In the US, Seattle's voters are being asked to pay more for their coffee in order to help needy children.
The proposal is to introduce a ten cent surcharge on any coffee which contains an espresso shot and the money collected would be used to pay for daycare for low income children. But the initiative has run into opposition from consumers and the city's powerful restaurant lobby. John Burbank is the executive director of the Economic Opportunity Institute, the organisation which has been pushing the coffee tax, and I asked him where they got the idea for the tax. PREREC

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