The fall of a kauri

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The Fall of a Kauri. A programme produced by station 1XN, Whangarei. (Date of recording unknown - probably c.1956.)

Opening theme music and sound effects of a tree falling.
An unidentified male announcer describes the growth and felling of a 300 year old kauri tree.
From an observation point in the Puhipuhi Forest, near a hill named Pukemoremore, a commentator describes the tree which is about 5 feet in diameter (bird calls can be heard in the background.)
The tree was 'bled' in the past by kauri gum hunters, which has caused some rot to set in.
Bushmen Bob George and Dave Harding cut a 'scarf' in the tree while Frank Gabilinski (?) drives a bulldozer to create a road to get the logs out of the forest. Bob George, who has worked in the bush for 36 years describes the tree. Many other members of his whānau are also working nearby. He says it would have taken 4 hours to fell in the days of a handsaw, but today it will be less than an hour with a chainsaw.
The commentator expresses some regret that the tree has to fall.

Actuality of a chain saw, chopping and commentary as a 300 year old kauri tree is felled in a Northland forest.
Sound effects as the tree falls. The commentator mourns that "300 years of growing...has come to this."
Mr Lovatt is interviewed about the condition of the timber once the tree is felled - there is some rot on the side, but otherwise it is in good condition.
Bob George talks about using a chainsaw and the difference this has brought about in technique, compared to using hand-saws.
The programme ends with the commentator discussing the need to replant to replace felled kauri.

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Reference number 183004

Media type AUDIO

Collection Sound Collection

Genre Nonfiction radio programs
Radio programs
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Credits New Zealand Broadcasting Service (estab. 1946, closed 1962), Producer
1XN (Radio station : Whangarei, N.Z.), Broadcaster

Duration 00:15:54

Date [1956]