Canterbury roundabout. 1954-02-09, No. 126

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Canterbury Roundabout No. 126.

[Part 1 is missing from the collection]

Part 2. Vegetable seed-growing in Canterbury. Mr Frank Jarman describes seed-cleaning equipment in action at his property at Avonlea near Darfield. Bob Cochrane, a seed merchant, was visiting at the time and is also interviewed about seed-growing and comments on Mr Jarman's technological developments. Dutch settlers Mr and Mrs Goerte [?] work with Frank Jarman. Mr Jarman imported their house on the farm from Sweden.

Part 3: Interview with Frank Goerte[?], a Dutch farmer working on a vegetable seed-growing property in Canterbury. His new home has been imported pre-fabricated from Sweden. He is from Friesland in the north of the Netherlands originally and came to New Zealand nearly two years ago, from Indonesia, formerly the Dutch East Indies. He worked as a dairy farmer there but prefers the work on Mr Frank Jarman's seed-cropping property at Avonlea near Darfield. Mrs Goerte, his wife is interviewed about their three daughters, who are aged 3, 2 and seven months. She says she prefers living in the country.

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Year 1954

Reference number 183329

Media type AUDIO

Collection Sound Collection

Genre Nonfiction radio programs
Radio programs
Sound recordings

Credits Jarman, Frank, fl. 1950s, Speaker/Kaikōrero
New Zealand Broadcasting Service (estab. 1946, closed 1962), Broadcaster

Duration 00:17:24

Date 09 Feb 1954