Radio editor. Episode 114. ; We found a story.

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Side 1. 'The Radio Editor', Episode 114 - The Domestic Aid service.
A spoken feature on the service which trains young women to provide aid to households with young children when the mother is incapacitated through illness, or when other family members are suffering serious illness.
The cost to the household is four pounds per week. If the household cannot meet the expense it can apply for the charge to be reduced.
The feature ends with some details about an experimental therapy for wounded RAF members in Britain, called 'strength through play', which encourages patients to regain fitness through games and tomfoolery.

Side 2. 'We Found a Story' - Musick Point and air communications.
Broadcaster Dudley Wrathall visits Musick Point radio station. Mr Scull explains the radio equipment and different functions. In one bay emergency calls are received from residents of islands in the Hauraki Gulf and relayed. The mercantile marine channel receives calls from ships at sea and another communicates with ships and aircraft needing navigation bearings. A fourth bay handles air to ground communications while a fifth links stations in Rose Bay, Sydney with radio stations in Fiji.
The final bays pass messages from Pacific Islands and ocean-flying aircraft.
In the teleprinter room on the second floor teletype machines are heard while Mr Scull explains how they work and where they are connected -such as Mechanics Bay, the Pan-American Airlines office and the Meteorological Office, which relays weather information that might be needed by ships and aircraft.
On the third floor the transmitter is located.


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Year 1946

Reference number 183425

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Radio programs
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Credits Wrathall, Dudley, Interviewer
New Zealand Broadcasting Service (estab. 1946, closed 1962), Broadcaster
Scull, George, Interviewee

Duration 00:23:11

Date 16 Aug 1946