Cook Bi-Centennial ceremonies at Gisborne 1969

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Cook Bi-Centennial ceremonies at Gisborne.

Two compilation tapes of recordings made at various Gisborne events and ceremonies to mark the 200th anniversary of the landing by Captain James Cook. [Exact dates of all the recordings are unclear but 'Cook Week' celebrations ran from 09 Oct 1969.]

T 728 TK 1. [09 Oct 1969] Announcer Mike George crosses to Peter Sledmere in Gisborne at the Cook Memorial. A service is being conducted by Rev. Māori Marsden, chaplain of the Royal New Zealand Navy. Representatives of five other navies are also present. Rear Admiral Ritchie, Royal New Zealand Navy Hydrologist unveils a memorial plaque commemorating the event.]
Duration: 3'20"

Tk 2. [09 Oct 1969] Civic welcome at Endeavour Park, Gisborne. Commentary by an unidentified announcer describing the dignitaries who are present: politicians, diplomats, heads of the Armed Forces. A fly-past of Vampire jets of the Royal New Zealand Air Force is heard, during a 21-gun salute.
The Mayor of Gisborne, Harry Barker speaks, welcoming the guests. He reads a message from the chairman of the Whitby Council - the Yorkshire port from which Cook set sail.
Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Keith Holyoake speaks.
Governor General Sir Arthur Porritt speaks and then takes the salute.
The commentator describes the salute and then a long procession of floats will follow, lead by sailors of the five navies.

Tk 3. Official government function at Rugby Park, Gisborne. commentator Bill Toft describes the arrival of the Governor-General, a RNZN officer and the Governor-General receive the challenge by Te Aitanga-a-Mahaki and pōwhiri which follows.
God Save the Queen and a further salute are heard and The Prime Minister speaks again. He ends by inviting all the school children present to stand and give three cheers for Young Nick and Captain Cook and the organisers of today's events.
The Leader of the Opposition Hon. Norman Kirk speaks and congratulates the people of Gisborne for organising the event.
Arnold Reedy speaks in English and te reo Māori, on behalf of the Māori people.
Duration: 12'05"

T 729 Tk 1. Official function at Rugby Park continued. Governor-General Sir Arthur Porritt speaks and reads a message from Her Majesty the Queen. The national anthem is sung, ending the formal part of the function.

Tk 2. Unveiling of the Cook statue on Kaiti Hill, Gisborne. An unidentified commentator describes the arrival of the Governor-General [in heavy rain.] Governor-General Sir Arthur Porritt unveils the statue and speaks briefly due to the weather. The announcer reads inscription on the statue. Duration: 4'20"

Tk 3. Unveiling of a Canadian totem pole [also in heavy rain.] The Canadian High Commissioner speaks and reads a message from Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. Prime Minister Keith Holyoake and Mayor of Gisborne Harry Barker also speak briefly. Duration: 4"20"

Tk 4. [10 Oct 1969] Unveiling of a statue of Nicholas Young, the cabin boy "Young Nick" of Cook's crew. The ceremony is held at the Midway Surf Club Pavilion due to the weather. The statue is at Young Nick's Playground and is a gift of the New Zealand Insurance Company. The Lions Club have developed the playground. Mayor of Gisborne Harry Barker speaks and introduces Austin Wilson of the New Zealand Insurance Company who speaks. The statue was sculpted by Frank Szirmany of Auckland and the model was 14 year old Paul Gardiner of Mt Roskill Grammar School.
Governor-General Arthur Porritt speaks.
Duration: 8'05"

Tk 5. [Unrelated material] A short interview with Sir Walter Nash about taking messages from men serving in the Pacific back to New Zealand during World War II - and also from New Zealanders at Duntroon Military Training School.

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Year 1969

Reference number 2040

Media type AUDIO

Collection Sound Collection

Credits Marsden, Māori, Speaker/Kaikōrero
Barker, Harry Heaton, Sir, 1898-1994, Speaker/Kaikōrero
GEORGE, Mike, Announcer
Holyoake, Keith Jacka (b.1904, d.1983), Speaker/Kaikōrero
Kirk, Norman Eric (b.1923, d.1974), Speaker/Kaikōrero
Porritt, Arthur (b.1900, d.1994), Speaker/Kaikōrero
Reedy, Hanara Tangiawha Te Ohaki, 1903-1971, Speaker/Kaikōrero
Sledmere, Peter, Commentator
Toft, Bill, Commentator
WILSON, Austin, Speaker/Kaikōrero
Nash, Walter, 1882-1968, Speaker/Kaikōrero

Duration 00:50:00

Date 09 Oct 1969