Radio Digest. 1954-07-18, No. 270, Part 1 ; Part 3.

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Radio Digest Episode 270r
Part 1. Announcer introduces the programme items; the return of Sir Edmund Hillary; the story of the white heron; the New Zealand team for the Empire Games farewelled at Auckland, and the Australian team welcomed; airlift to Vancouver; interview with the pianist Yvonne Enoch and part of the interview with Mrs Siki, the wife of the Hungarian born pianist Bela Siki.

Sir Edmund Hillary is spoken to on his return to New Zealand from the Himalayas. He plans to remain in New Zealand until 1956 when he was to make an attempt on Mount Makalu. The present expedition had two objectives, one exploration and the other climbing. The climb up Baruntse was a particularly fine experience. He comments that George Lowe considered that it was the most difficult climb he has done. Hillary is questioned about the superstitions of the Sherpas who were afraid of the Abominable Snowman. He describes seeing some impressive foot prints in the snow. They were like human footprints but very large.

Dr Robert A. Falla, Director of the Dominion Museum, talks about the kotuku or white heron, that returns each spring to its ancestral breeding ground. He discusses an expedition into South Westland by the pioneer surveyor of Westland Mr Gerhard Mueller, to a tributary stream feeding the Waitangitaona River, where sixty or more herons were found. This area had been set up as a sanctuary.

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Part 3. The concert pianist Yvonne Enoch is interviewed about her family and musical background. Her grandfather was the founder of the London music publishing company, Enoch & Sons of 19 Hanover Square London, in 1869 and her father ran fortnightly concerts in central Westminster. She came out to New Zealand for the New Zealand Broadcasting Service to give a series of lecture and recitals for the service. She talks about music education for young people while at school and after completion of their formal education. She also recounts her own musical education and her interest in music in the theatre.

Part of an interview with Mrs Siki, wife of the Hungarian born pianist, Bela Siki. She speaks about her home country Switzerland, their enjoyment of cooking and comments that her husband never eats before a concert. She discusses the impressions of and customs in various countries that she and her husband have visited.

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Year 1954

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Credits Falla, R. A. (Robert Alexander), Speaker/Kaikōrero
Hillary, Edmund, 1919-2008, Speaker/Kaikōrero
ENOCH, Yvonne, Interviewee
SIKI, Mrs., Interviewee
New Zealand Broadcasting Service (estab. 1946, closed 1962), Broadcaster

Duration 00:22:24

Date 18 Jul 1954