Spectrum 016. Kids and Music

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Spectrum was a long-running weekly radio documentary series which captured the essence of New Zealand from 1972 to 2016. Alwyn Owen and Jack Perkins produced the series for many years, creating a valuable library of New Zealand oral history.

Spectrum 016 Kids And Music is about children and their involvement in various kinds of music making.

A young girl Ainsley, who plays with a brass band group that rehearses near Wellington Zoo (band rehearsal is heard) talks about the many instruments she plays - clarinet is her favourite.

Music in schools is discussed. An unidentified Wellington primary school music class is heard (the teacher is Mr Jones, a Welshman) and a group of children are interviewed about what sort of music they like to play and listen to.

A bagpipes class with tutor Colin Anderson is heard, learning a pibroch and practicing on chanters.

Recordings of children singing a skipping song in a school playground. A lesson with four children learning string instruments in a quartet.

Wellington High School rock band playing during a lunchtime concert - unidentified teenage boys and girls are interviewed about what they like about rock and pop music.

Sunday School children singing a hymn with a female teacher.

Recordings with children at a Ngāti Poneke rehearsal - about 30 percent of the participants are Pākēha. A young girl named Katrina and a boy named Richard are interviewed about what they like about it. Richard has a band called The Evolution Revolution. An unidentified mother of three boys is interviewed about why she brings her children along.

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Year 1972

Reference number 28064

Media type AUDIO

Collection Sound Collection

Credits Perkins, Jack (b.1940), Producer
Owen, Alwyn (b.1926), Producer
Ngāti Pōneke Young Māori Club, Performer
Wellington High School, Performer

Duration 00:28:18

Date 01 Jul 1972