World at five. 2011-08-03. 17:00-18:00.

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The World at Five is the 1700hr of Paul Henry Drive show. Paul Henry is one of the most talented and popular broadcasters in the country. Back at RadioLIVE hosting Drive, Paul promises a mix of current affairs, news as it happens and his unique brand of entertaining talk. This recording chronicles his second day of broadcasting back on radio after a long hiatus in presenting breakfast television. The recording incorporates the views and opinions of guest experts and the listening audience.

Wednesday 3 August 2011
This recording begins with a news bulletin at 17:00 presented by Debbie Griffiths, key headlines include:
Hundreds of jobs on the line as major bank announces a restructure
Warning from health authorities of a deadly Meningococcal strain

World at five guests include:
Russell Norman (Green Party Co-Leader) talks about Prime Ministerial debates.

Claire Robinson (Political Marketing Expert Massey University) talks about the public funding of party political broadcasts by way of leaflets in the mail. Why is it paid out of the public purse and not Party coffers.

1730hrs news bulletin key headlines presented by Debbie Griffiths

Traffic & weather report

Paul and Debbie Griffiths talks about Gary Russo, a New York labourer working on the 2nd Ave subway line, who lugs his karaoke machine to work and entertains the neighbours with Frank Sinatra songs during his 30 minute lunch break to give them some relief from the noise of construction and jackhammers that are driving the neighbours crazy. Paul shares some feedback from listeners.

Radio Live Business Editor, Andrew Patterson talks about the latest business news.

Phil Heatley (Minister for Housing) talks about the recent eviction of 400 state housing tennants due to the fabrication of their circumstances, with 3 tennants being jailed.

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Year 2011

Reference number 165037

Media type AUDIO

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Ngā Taonga Korero Collection

Genre Radio news programs
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Radio programs
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Credits Henry, Paul, Presenter
Radio Live, Broadcaster

Duration 01:00:00

Date 03 Aug 2011