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State Forest Programme: Whakatane Board Mills, Kaingaroa, Minginui, Te Whaiti, Tahakopa Timber Mill, Waipa Mill, Whakarewarewa Forest. Interviews with mill founders and workmen. Descriptions of forestry operations

1 MU1a Whakatane Board Mills - State Forest Program Sound Effects disc 2a tracks 1 & 2 Loco Pulling Trucks 3. the beaters 4. Screening machine 5. Board machine (wet end) 6. Board machine (the calendars) 7. Loading machine 8. Comment 9. Underneath the grinders

2 MU1b Series of interview cuts discussing the work of the arboretum. Topics covered include germination, raising seedlings, planting for the forestry industry and back announcement. People mentioned are Mr Lorne(?), Mr Boyd and Paddy.

3. Mu2a State Forest Programme 1. Lowther saw sound effect 2. Log hauling tractor & Mr Boyd 3. Peeling - Mr Boyd and Polish immigrant 4. Multiple feeling, north - west bend. 5. The Loader with sound effects 6. Extracting logs with tractor

4. MU2b State forest programme track 1. Felling tree with Lowther saw Whole sequence sound effect 2. Felling tree with commentators 3. Longfern Timber Company, Minginui (Messrs. Church, Newland & Hays) Tracks 1 & 2 - Kaiangaroa inside cut - Minginui

5. Mu3a State Forest Programme tracks 1 2 3 4 5 - felling a tree (separate). Track 1 Lowther saw 2. Scarfing 3 Lowther saw & tree crash 4. Wedging 5. Trimming and commentary 6. Cutting native tree with hand cross cut saw 7. Native tree felling

6 Mu3b State forest programme. 1. In The Bush At Te Whati 2. Track 1 repeated 3. Interview with Mr Butt Minganui part 2.

7 Mu4a Tahakopa Timber Mill Recording tk 1 Whistles 1 to 6. 2. Hauler Noise 3. Tractor noise 4. Felling Tree 5. Chopping

[NB. Currently the interview with the Longfern Timber Company, Minginui and Messrs. Church, Newland & Hays is available to listen to via the online catalogue].

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Year 1948

Reference number 4416

Media type AUDIO

Collection Sound Collection

Genre Interviews (Sound recordings)
Sound recordings

Credits New Zealand Broadcasting Service. Mobile Recording Unit, Broadcaster

Duration 01:59:51

Date 1948