Eva Rickard

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Unedited telephone interview by a Radio New Zealand journalist identified only as 'Trevor', who speaks with Eva Rickard ahead of her hikoi to Waitangi in early 1984.

Eva Rickard gives a brief outline of her professional background and her personal life. Eva is the middle child of a family of fifteen and born at Whāingaroa on the land used as the Raglan golf course. Her grandmother was a direct descendant of Te Rauparaha.

Eva describes herself as a politcial activist working for Māoridom. Elected as President of Te Kotahitanga (a Māori spiritual movement) Eva is leading a hikoi to Waitangi. She states that the Treaty of Waitangi is regarded by Māori as an honourable document but has been dishonoured by goverment and sucessive governments.

Eva remains hopeful that their submissions will be recognised by the Crown. She acknoweldges Dame Whina Cooper's criticism of the hikoi as a minority voice and one that speaks to the National Party. Eva explains the changes she expects to come out of the hikoi to Waitangi. She recommends that RNZ interviews other iwi also planning to take part in the hikoi as they will have different motivations for marching.

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Year 1984

Reference number 44686

Media type AUDIO

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Credits Rickard, Eva, Interviewee

Duration 00:14:00

Date 27 Jan 1984