Mobile Unit. Mr Callinan and Mr Barraclough

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Mr Cullinan and Mr Barraclough give accounts of early days in Hawera and elsewhere.[ Voices occasionally indistinct. Speech is not always cohesive and words are often blurred.]

Tk 1 1'29" MU 65A.1 MUCDR12.1
Warming Up

Tk 2 Part 1 10'40" MU 65A.1 MUCDR12.1
Mr Cullinan (aged 93) came to New Zealand from Ireland in 1875 - arrived in Napier. Describes passage on ship - much sickness, ate potatoes, bully beef and hard biscuits.

Tk 3 Part 2 11'06" MU 66A.2 MUCDR12.3
Cullinan knew Julius Vogel, settlers thought highly of Vogel, recalls Dick Seddon and Sir George Grey. Settled in Patea after travelling around for a while. Worked as a blade shearer, used to shear 100 sheep a day - earned 1pound a day. Also did bush felling earned 25 "bob" (shillings) a week and lived in the house with the boss. Bought 650 acres for about 8 pounds, now (i.e 1946) you'd pay over 50 pounds.

Tk 4 Part 3 13'06" MU 65B.1 MUCDR12.4
(contains intermittent background noise - including Mr Cullinan coughing)
Mr Barraclough (aged 90) came to New Zealand from Australia in the mid 1870's - arrived in Picton. Can't recall much of Picton - does remember horse and cart accident with his father. Lived in Nelson for about 2 years - not much there in those days although Mr Cullinan comments that there are "fine girls in Nelson". Mr Barraclough talks about the Kelly gang murders.

Tk 5 Part 4 11'37" MU 66B.1 MUCDR12.5
Mr Barraclough continues (and Mr Cullinan continues to cough in the background)
Went to Wanganui, then to Patea where he worked as a butcher. He then opened a shop - it was about that time that he met Mr Cullinan. Talks about early Hawera settlements, only 3 stores, 7 hotels, friendly visits from the Māoris, mentions skirmish on Hasties Farm (Titokowaru).

Tk 6 Part 5 12'32' MU 67B.1 MUCDR12.6
Land in Hawera was sold for about 10 pounds an acre. Barraclough and Cullinan recall Dick Seddon who related well with people. Also talk about the sale of the Waimate Plains - blocks of land (mainly flax land) sold for about fourteen pounds.

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Year 1946

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Date 01 Jan 1946