1983 Te puna wai kōrero Series

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Tono kōrero mai

Māori Language Week

Bishop Manuhuia Bennett, former Bishop of Aotearoa, speaking at St Faith's Church, Ohinemutu, Rotorua last Sunday.
His address was based on te reo Māori as this was the beginning of Māori Language Week, 1983.

Kaikōrero: Theo Schoon. The final part of a three-part interview with the Dutch-Indonesian artist by Hēnare te Ua. He talks about his interaction with the Māori community and the importance of art in society.

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Year 1983

Reference number 45665

Media type AUDIO

Collection Sound Collection

Credits Bennett, Manuhuia Augustus Tutewehiwehi, 1916-2001, Speaker/Kaikōrero
Schoon, Theo, 1915-1985, Speaker/Kaikōrero
te Ua, Henare, 1933-2007, Producer

Duration 00:19:00

Date 06 Aug 1983