Insight. 1989, CRISIS IN HONG KONG

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Hong Kong is eight years away from reverting to Chinese administration
when Britain gives up its colony. In May there was an air of euphoria in
Hong Kong at the height of the pro-democracy movement in China. The mood changed after the June 4 massacre in Tiananmen Square and the colony is experiencing a confidence crisis. Report by Kevin McQuillan.
Features a hit Hong Kong pro-democracy song, inspired by events in China.

Speakers include: Cliff Reece, Lobbyist with Hong Kong 3000 Foundation, Nick Bridge NZ High Commissioner, Dr Joseph Cheng, Political scientist; Mark, Anita, Philip, young Hong Kong advertising executives; Claire Barnes, researcher for sharebrokers Barclays de Zoote, Wedd; Paul Campbell, NZ journalist; Jimmy McGregor, Hong Kong Legislative councillor; ex-pat NZers in Hong Kong (anon voxpops)

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Year 1989

Reference number 5522

Media type AUDIO

Collection Sound Collection

Genre Documentary radio programs
Nonfiction radio programs
Radio programs
Sound recordings

Credits Barnes, Claire
CHENG, Joseph
McQuillan, Kevin, Producer
REECE, Cliff

Duration 00:30:06

Date 22 Oct 1989