Mobile Unit. Roxburgh memories

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New Zealand Broadcasting Service Mobile Recording Unit group interview with J. H. Waight, John Bennetts, T. P. Michelle, and G.B. Gilchrist of Roxburgh.

They discuss their memories of early Roxburgh since the 1860s, including the first settlers, gold mining, dredging techniques, the gold escort, Chinese miners and their camps, and use of opium.

Other topics include fruitgrowing, early telephone lines, elections, and coal mining. There is discussion on the making of wax cylinder recordings and the price of the equipment, and the first canning factory in the area.

There is also talk on how babies were cared for during dances, and the time the babies were switched.

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Year 1948

Reference number 5604

Media type AUDIO

Collection Sound Collection

Genre Oral histories
Interviews (Sound recordings)
Sound recordings

Credits Waigth, John H., Interviewee
Michelle, Tom P., Interviewee
Bennetts, John, Interviewee
Gilchrist, George B., Interviewee
New Zealand Broadcasting Service. Mobile Recording Unit, Broadcaster

Duration 01:55:00

Date 21 Oct 1948