Morning report. 1992-09-24

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0600 News/Sport
0610 Ex Mana News. Sealords deal signed last night.
0615 Ex ABC: Allegations bring agony of Vietnam back to USA
0618 Ex ABC: Violent crime in Cambodian capital Phnom Phen
0620 Ex BBC: Communist Party Congress in China
0625 Good Morning "Rural" NZ : See Rural Report Rundown
0630 News/Weather/Māori News
0642 "Morning Comment": Trevor Roberts. Wtn. Solicitor
0644 "Money Matters": Margaret Inge. Imports exceed exports
0650 Pacific Regional News : Ex RNZ International
0700 NEWS
00:3:04 SEALORD: Historic agreement signed. Adam Gifford LIVE
00:12:13 SEALORD: Geoff Robinson i/v Doug Graham. Min. of Justice & Matiu Rata. Māori Fisheries negotiator. LIVE
00:5:23 HUNTLY EXPLOSION: Kim Hill i/v Dave Stewart. Coalcorp
00:2:45 WINSTON PETERS renews attack on BNZ. Pl/Winston Peters
00:0:13 WINSTON PETERS: BNZ senior staff study allegations.
00:2:26 ANTI-PRONOGRAPHY protest outside Wtn. night club. Trish Mullins i/v Martin Takarangi. Penthouse Pets Manager
00:2:41 HOUSING CORP: Allegations of corruption. Janice Rodenburc
00:2:38 LIBERAL LDR. wants independent inquiry. Karen Fisher i/v Gilbert Myles. Liberal leader. LIVE
00:3:34 OZONE LAYER: Geoff Robinson i/v Dr Tom Clarkson. Water & Atmospheric Research Inst. METROPOLITAN PAPERS LIVE
00:5:48 US PRESIDENCY: Geoff Robinson i/v Martin Walker. Guardian
00:2:49 TARANAKI NURSES strike planned for today has been averted. Peter Abernethy/Steve Berensen/Max Robbins LIVE
00:4:45 BRIERLEY: Geoff Robinson i/v Peter Verschaffelt
00:2:21 MANUFACTURERS starting to make more money. Peter Abernethy/Klaus Peter Kriegman
00:2:36 RUATORIA farmer annoyed at inquest adjournment. Karlum Lattimore/Luke Donnelly LIVE
00:5:35 POWER FORUM: Kim Hill i/v Bob Hill. Chair. of Public Forum in Ak. to discuss electricity crisis.
0830 NEWS
00:2:22 POLICE admit defeat in their hunt for killer of Leah Stephens. Alan Ornstin i/v Det. Snr. Sgt. Malcolm Burgess
00:3:47 BAD TOOTH disease because people can't afford treatment. Peter Abernethy i/v Harvey Brown. Dental Sch. Assoc. Prof.
00:2:05 POLICE THREAT: Former police minister in Aust. feared for his own life from police officers. Phil Kafcaloudes LIVE
00:5:06 FRUIT & VEGES: Jack Forsythe with the weekly look at the fruit and vegetable market.

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Year 1992

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Date 24 Sep 1992