Morning report. 1992-11-10

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0600 News/Sport
0610 Ex ABC: Farm trade row between EC & US at stand-off
0615 Ex BBC: Middle East peace talks resume in Washington
0618 Ex Wallfish: Israel extends restrictions on immigration
0620 Ex BBC: Summit of European ldrs. to discuss immigration
0621 Influx of war-battered people from former Yugoslavia
0622 Ex BBC: Zambia in the grip of cholera epidemic
0623 Ex Mana News: NZers who smoke lowest in western world
0625 Good Morning "Rural" NZ : See Rural Report Rundown
0630 News/Weather/Māori News
0642 "Morning Comment": Alan Brash, Ch'ch
0644 "Money Matters": Margaret Inge. Dairy & beef industries
0650 Pacific Regional News : Ex RNZ International

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0700 NEWS
00:4:44 HUMAN RIGHTS legislation amendment proposal. Janice Rodenburg i/v Katherine O'Regan, Assoc. Health Minister
00:2:20 HUMAN RIGHTS: Kerry Lamont i/v Helen Clark. Labour Dep. Ldr
00:3:24 HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCES - new proposals for management. Nina Templeton i/v Helen Hughes. Parl. Environ. Commissioner LIVE
00:5:03 HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCES: Neil Billington i/v Rob Storey. Minister for the Environment
00:2:29 GATT world trade talks deadlock. Graham Leach BBC
00:0:21 AUSTN. PM fails to call election. Phil kafcaloudes

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00:6:49 CANADIAN PARLIAMENT: Kim Hill i/v James Edwards, parl'y, Sec. to Ldr. of the govt. in canadian House of commons METROPOLITAN PAPERS LIVE
00:5:23 YUGOSLAVIA: Neil Billington i/v Ron Redmond, spokes. for UN High Commissioner
00:3:16 ROYAL MARRIAGE: Renewed speculation. Keith Chalkley

[NB. Break in online audio just after news starts due to original recording format]

00:3:13 LUNG CANCER: Karlum Lattimore i/v Dr Neil Graham
00:2:22 NZer serving life sentence in Malaysia in Penang Hospital Peter Fowler i/v Karpal Singh, lawyer for Lorraine Cohen
00:1:53 JOBLESS GRADUATE TEACHERS: Cushla Managh/Neville Lambert Pres NZEI
00:2:03 SCHOOL YARD VIOLENCE: Cushla Managh i/v Brother Pat Lynch, Pres. Sec. Principals Assn. LIVE
00:7:25 ENDOMETRIOSIS: Kim Hill i/v Dr David Adamson, Dir. of Fertility & Reproductive Health Inst. Nthn. California
00:1:31 SPECIAL EDUCATION NEEDS: Cushla Managh i/v Ross Brereton. NZ CCS
00:2:22 KIWI POPULATION: Karlum Lattimore i/v Mark Bellingham, Royal Forest & Bird Soc.

[NB. Break in online audio due to original recording format]

00:6:37 CHILDREN IN COURT: Kim Hill i/v Dr. Ian Hassall. Comm'er for Children LIVE
00:6:36 GERMANY: Neil Billington i/v Dr Ullrich Damman. data protection commissioner from Germany, currently in NZ
00:1:48 CHILD CAR RESTRAINTS: Kerry Lamont i/v Dr Alister Scott NZ Medical Assn. Chair. LIVE
00:5:19 MUSICAL BEAR: Kim Hill i/v Graham Salvage, Halle Orchestra
00:0:22 RUSSIAN PARLIAMENT: Tim Whewell
00:0:21 BERLIN: Mikhail Gorbachev, Ronald Reagan & Helmut Kohl are awarded freedom of the city of Berlin for role in reunion

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