Morning report. 1993-02-02

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Tono kōrero mai

0600 News/Sport
0610 Ex BBC: Indonesia - trial of Xanana Gusmao
0615 Ex BBC: Manchester - racial harrasments & assaults
0618 Ex Chalkley: Britain - national coastal Strategy
0620 Ex BBC: Hungary - rapid expansion of the sex industry
0625 Good Morning "Rural" NZ : See Rural Report Rundown
0630 News/Weather/Māori News
0642 "Morning Comment": Lawrie Hampton, Hamilton ret'd Min
0644 "Money Matters": Margaret Ingo. Japan - marketing & sales
0650 Pacific Regional Mews: Ex RNZ International

[NB. Archival recording begins here. The three breaks in this track reflect each change in an audio cassette side].

0700 NEWS
00:02:02 INTEREST RATES: PM takes banking industry to task. Richard Griffin i/v Jim Bolger, PM
00:03:06 FOOD SAFETY STANDARDS: Nona Pelletier i/v John Birkbeck Nutrition Foundation
00:03:22 GATT WORLD TRADE TALKS: Peter Fowler i/v Philip Burdon Trade Negotiations Minister
00:02:54 CURRENCY MARKETS: Keith Chalkley
00:02:26 NATIONAL MP for Wanganui. Tina Pereira i/v David Bennet, Wanganui National Electorate chair.
00:02:06 MOA SIGHTING: Richard Crowley/Dr Ken Hughey/Paddy Freaney
00:02:12 MOA HUNT: Kerry Lamont
00:03:09 NON SPOKING SHOPPING COMPLEX: Erin Kearney i/v Ian Todd Lynmall's marketing manager
00:04:05 ELECTORAL REFORM: Karen Fisher/Murray McCully, Chair Govt's Electoral Reform Committee METROPOLITAN PAPERS
00:06:52 UKRAINIAN man's trip to London 28 years after winning trip. Niamh O'Mahoney.BBC World Service, London
00:00:48 RUSSIAN NEWSPAPER reports crime story with a difference Kevin Connolly, BBC
00:01:48 CAMBODIA: Sue Downie. BBC
00:02:17 CORE MEDICAL SERVICES COMMITTEE: Peter Abernethy i/v Barbara Disley, Mental Health Fnd. Dir. LIVE
00:06:09 CORE MEDICAL: Geoff Robinson i/v Dr Peter McGreg group's Project Manager
00:03:45 PRISON SUICIDES: Karlum Lattimore i/v Moana Jackson Māori Legal Services Live
00:06:10 MEDICAL JOURNAL: Geoff Robinson i/v Kim Workman LIVE
00:04:43 MILK VENDORS: Kim Hill i/v Kim Peacock. spokes.
00:03:01 TEACHING PROFESSION: Kerry Lamont/Paaka/M.Wislon/Oldershaw LIVE
00:04:37 MUSLIMS: Geoff Robinson i/v Mohammed Jalaluddean spokes for parents involved in project. LIVE
00:06:01 TRADE AID: Kim Hill i/v Vi Cottrell, Trade Aid
00:04:36 PIGEONS: Dr Daniel Haag Wackernagel, biologist at Switzerland's Basle Uni

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Year 1993

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Date 02 Feb 1993