Morning report. 1993-03-22

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0600 News/Sport
0610 Ex BBC: Political turmoil in Moscow.
0615 Ex BBC: Latvia to hold first free elections in 3 months
0618 Ex BBC: Democratic reform in Hong Kong
0620 Ex BBC: Croatia - children of war.
0625 Good Morning "Rural" NZ : See Rural Report Rundown
0630 News/Weather/Māori News
0642 "Morning Comment": Nicholas Reid. Auckland teacher
0644 "Hi Tech.": Jim Higgins, NZ Computer Soc.
0650 Pacific Regional News : Ex RNZ International
0700 NEWS
00:02:36 PRIME MINISTER returns from overseas. Peter Fowler
00:02:22 WINSTON PETERS claims some govt. ministers are plotting to remove PM. Peter Fowler i/v Winston Peters, MP LIVE
00:06:09 PRIME MINISTER: Geoff Robinson i/v Richard Griffin. P/Re.00:05:13 RUSSIA: Monica Attard. Moscow correspondent
00:02:19 RUSSIA: Peter Verschaffelt i/v Reuben Azizian. Charge-de-affairs at Russian Embassy in Wellington
00:02:21 KIWIFRUIT CRISIS: Nick Hirst
00:02:48 TIM SHADBOLT: Erin Kearney i/v Assid Corban, former political adversary of Invercargill's new mayor LIVE
00:05:24 TIM SHADBOLT: Kim Hill i/v Tim Shadbolt. In'gill mayor METROPOLITAN PAPERS LIVE
00:05:40 FRANCE - ELECTIONS: Geoff Robinson i/v Lyn Terry, corres
00:05:38 SEX ADVICE: Kim Hill i/v Anne-Marie Wille. Family Planning educator
00:02:56 COMPUTER NETWORK SERVICE: Karlum Lattimore i/v Clive Litt Telecom communications manager.
00:02:27 KIWI MUSSEL FACTORY: August Varyazovsky, Nelson businessman.
00:02:13 VIOLENT CRIME SENTENCES: Karlum Lattimore
00:02:31 NEW SAFETY LAWS: Peter Verschaffelt i/v Ross Wilson. Harbour Workers Union Secretary
0830 NEWS
00:01:57 HOSPITAL PART CHARGES: Alistaiir Scott, Med. Assoc. Chair LIVE
00:06:34 RURAL GPs: Geoff Robinson i/v Dr Jan Bills, Chair. of Rural GPs Network.
00:02:01 SOFT-BOARD CEILINGS: Fire Service concerns. Erin Kearney i/v Geoff Wane. Housing NZ spokes.
00:03:01 IRA BOMB ATTACKS on Warrington shopping centre. North West England. Keith Chalkley LIVE
00:06:02 WOMEN'S SUFFRAGE YEAR: Kim Hill i/v Emma Knuckey, fashion designer to the Auckland elite in 1950's & 1960's

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