Morning report. 1993-04-27

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0700 NEWS
00:03:13 RUSSIAN REFERENDUM: Monica Attard, Moscow
00:04:02 IRA BOMBING: Michael Lee i/v Sir Francis McWilliams Lord Mayor of London
00:01:34 IRA BOMBING: PM makes public statement. Keith Chalkley
00:02:44 STH AFRICAN Rugby Union says Springboks would play an all-Māori team. Peter Abernethy i/v Arnie Oberholzer. GM
00:00:59 SOUTH AFRICAN RUGBY: Peter Fowler i/v George Verry NZ Rugby Union Chief Exec.
00:02:36 SERIOUS FRAUD: Anna Hughes i/v John Carter. Bay of Is. MP
00:03:17 FISHING QUOTA SYSTEM: Mary Tait
00:02:12 SOCIAL WELFARE FRAUD: Mary Tait i/v Robyn Nicholas. head Social Welfare's Fraud & Abuse Team
00:02:26 COLLEGE SUICIDES: Peter Abernethy i/v Greg Newbold, Canterbury Uni sociolgist METROPOLITAN PAPERS LIVE
00:05:38 BOSNIA: Geoff Robinson i/v Chris Cviic, Royal Inst. of International Affairs
00:04:25 AIR CRASH: Indian Airlines Boeing crash in India. Sam Miller, Delhi.
0810 LIVE
00:06:55 FUTURE ALLIANCE: Linda Rose i/v Richard Griffin
00:02:25 STOCK EXCHANGE INDEX: Peter Verschaffelt i/v Bill Foster, Stock Exchanges Managing Dir.
00:02:25 TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Peter Verschaffelt i/v Keith Davis BellSouth Managing Director LIVE
00:06:30 MāORI OFFENDING: Geoff Robinson i/v Eddie Ozols. Austn. Community Corrections Officer
0830 NEWS
00:01:45 CANADA: Quebec to change law prohibiting use of English on signs. Tom Earle, Ottawa
00:01:54 THAILAND: Dramatic effort to enforce copyright laws. Neil Kelly, Bangkok
00:05:11 FOOD & BEVERAGE exports show strong growth. Nona Pelletier i/v Philip Gregan, Wine Institute
00:02:59 EMPLOYMENT TRIBUNAL: Anna Hughes i/v Ralph Gardiner, Employment Tribunal head
00:02:12 REAL ESTATE: Megan Francis i/v Dick Kirk, Real Estate Inst. Pres.
00:02:29 RUAPEHU: Megan Francis i/v Dr Tony Hurst, Inst. of Geological & Nuclear Sciences LIVE
00:05:16 COMMUNICATOR OF THE YEAR AWARD: Geoff Robinson i/v Jim Higgins, computer tech. expert & winner of award
00:01:50 HUKA FALLS: Man died when stunt went horribly wrong. Peter Fowler i/v Bruce Weber. NZ Canoe Assoc.

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