Morning report. 1993-07-21

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0600 News/Sport
0615 Good Morning "Rural" NZ : See Rural Report Rundown
0630 News/Weather/Māori News
0640 Report from our Mana News team
0645 Pacific Regional News : Ex RNZ International
0650 Business and financial news. Margaret Inge
0700 NEWS
00:02:35 NZR sold for 400 million dollars. Tino Pereira i/v David Richwhite. Merchant Bankers Fay Richwhite
00:03:43 NZR SALE: Peter Fowler i/v Gerry Evans, Seafarers Union LIVE
00:05:11 NZR SALE: Ed Burkhardt. Ch.Exec.Wisconsin Central
00:03:41 CRIME VICTIMS: Karlum Lattimore i/v Chrissie Wolfensohn Exec.Sec. of Victims Support Groups Council
00:02:29 OVERSEAS OPERATIONS FOR NZers: Cushla Managh
00:03:11 PARLIAMENT debates on Budget. Anastasia Harallambi Jim Bolger. PM
00:01:50 JAPAN: Katty Kay, BBC. Tokyo LIVE
00:03:08 JAPAN: Don McKinnon, Foreign Affairs Minister
00:01:04 NZR SALE: Mike Moore, Oppo. Ldr.
00:01:18 NZR SALE: Richard Prebble, former Min.of Railways
00:01:19 NZR SALE: Jim Anderton, Alliance leader
00:01:08 NZR SALE: Winston Peters, leader of NZ First Party LIVE
00:05:10 NZR SALE: Ruth Richardson, Finance Minister
00:02:12 PRES. CLINTON appoints federal judge as new head of FBI. Connie Lawn
00:02:25 MAASTRICHT TREATY: Keith Chalkley LIVE
00:04:39 SPRINGBANK CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY: Rev.Jim Veitch. Vic. Uni lecturer in religious studies
0830 NEWX
00:01:57 HEALTH USER CHARGES: Kathryn Street i/v Helen Clark Labour Health spokes
00:01:28 OUTSTANDING HOSPITAL DEBTS: Megan Francis i/v John Peters. Ch. Exec. Wairarapa Crown Health Enterprise
00:02:03 ELECTRONIC SWIPE CARDS & truancy. Megan Francis
00:03:23 POLLUTERS: Adam Gifford i/v Guy Salmon, Maruia Soc. LIVE
00:04:30 CHILDREN'S HEALTH CAMPS: Lyn Hartley. Chair.of Child's Health Camp Board
00:02:14 GUNS: Karlum Lattimore i/v Graeme Hudson. Exec Off. Smallbore Rifle Assoc
00:01:06 KIM HILL:
00:02:06 MORNING COMMENT: Ray Oppenheim. Lower Hutt Clergyman
00:06:05 OVERSEAS CORRESPONDENT: Mark Crysell, Cologne

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