Morning report. 1993-11-19

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0600 News/Sport
0615 Good Morning "Rural" NZ : See Rural Report Rundown
0630 News/Weather/Māori News
0640 Report from our Mana News team
0645 Pacific Regional News : Ex RNZ International
0650 Business and financial news. Margaret Inqe.
0700 NEWS
00:03:22 NAFTA: The establishment of the world's biggest trade bloc is now imminent. Peter Fowler
00:02:05 NAFTA(2): Philip Burdon - Overseas Trade Minister
00:01:42 NAFTA(3): In Europe the NAFTA agreement was also welcomed John Fraser i/v Sir Leon Brittan - Trade Commissioner LIVE
00:03:42 NAFTA(4): Well what does all this mean to NZ. Sir Frank Holmes - Professor Emeritis at Victoria University
00:03:26 YOUTH RATES: The new mood of consensus created by the election is predicted to be the introduction of minimum rates of pay for young workers. Janice Rodenburg LIVE
00:04:32 SOUTH AFRICA: More than 300 years of white rule came to an end yesterday. Antony Johnson, Political Correspondent
00:00:58 TRAGEDY: The daughter of the leader of the Alliance, Jim Anderton was found dead in a car in the Chch suburb of Bromley. Seamus Kearney
00:03:33 BABY MIX UP: The future of two 3 yr old girls who appear to have been mixed up at birth and given to the wrong parents, is more likely to be solved in a calm meeting room. Karlum Lattimore
00:03:01 BNZ: The BNZ has had a significant profit turned into a loss. Anna Hughes
00:03:05 FRAUD: More than 500 chief executives from the country's leading businesses are to be surveyed about the extent of corporate fraud in NZ. Anna Hughes i/v Bruce Carpenter - KPMG Assoc. Director METROPOLITAN PAPERS:
00:04:01 GUN LOBBY: Philip Alpers - spokesperson for Gunsafe LIVE
00:03:42 GUN LOBBY (2): John Dyer - vice-president of the Sporting Shooters Association
00:01:52 INLAND REVENUE: Is reviewing the case of one of its former staff who has been convicted of breaching client confidentially. Anna Hughes i/v Alan Pinder - IRD's Director of Internal Audit
00:02:45 EMPLOYMENT: The first official figures on employment since the election result will be released today. Tino Pereira
00:01:21 EUROJOB: European Commissioners have decided that new jobs must NOT be created at the expense of existing protection for workers John Fraser - Brussels
00:03:26 CHILDHOOD CENTRES: There is concern over the future of early childhood centres. Adam Hollingworth
0830 NEWS:
00:03:16 YOUTH SPORT: Due to high costs many youngsters are driven away from sports. Adam Gifford LIVE
00:04:41 VATICAN: Said today it is close to reaching an agreement with Israel that is expected to lead to diplomatci ties and clear the way for an historic papal visit to the Jewish state. Asher Wallfish
00:04:20 PSYCHIATRIC ILLNESSES: Computers are now being used to make diagnosis. Professor John Copeland - University of Liverpool
00:01:06 KIM HILL:
00:02:00 MORNING COMMENT: Norman McLean
00:08:06 OZ SPOT: Phil Kafcaloudes

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