Morning report. 1994-02-16

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0600 News/Sport
0615 Good Mornign "Rural" MZ: See Rural Report Rundown
0630 News/Weather/Māori News
0645 Report from our Mana News team
0630 Pacific Regional News: EX: RNZ International
0630 Business and financial news. Margaret Inge.
00:02:19 WMETU TIRIKATEME-SULLIVAM: Southern Māori Keumatua are threatening to sever links with the Labour Party over the reelection of MP Wheta Tirlkatene-Sullivan. Paul Allen 1-32 CAUCUS: The special Labour Caucus is scheduled to deal with economic issues
00:03:08 DOMINIOM: Strike action by staff from Wellington newspapers has stopped the Dominion from rolling off the presses this morning. Peter Fowler
00:01:31 SARAJEVO: with half the dealing period set by NATO for the withdrawal of heavy weapons around Sarajevo now none. clear differences still remain. David Eades
00:01:37 BOSWIA: The crisis in Bosnia has dominated talks in Moscow between President 'yeltsin and the British PM John manor Robert Parsons
00:02:09 YEN: The trade battle between the US and Japan could indirectly end up Venting and impact on MZ. David Harpreaves
00:01:54 NX FIRST: has Dulled out of the multi-Arty employment talks
00:02:02 MZ FIRST (2) Anna Huohes
00:04:34 DRUGS: A Hawker Bay study into adolescent attitudes towards drops and alcohol has found that families have the greatest influence on young People. not their Deers. Christina whaitiri
00:03:01 ILLEGAL MEAT: Meat marketers and retailers are this morning baillno the apparent "pet tough" stance being adopted by the courts to people who run background meat operations. Ian Lamb - GM Beef & Lamb Marketing Bureau Rod Slater - Past President Meat Retailers Fed
00:03:49 BOUGAINVILLE: A prominent Deice activist is backing the PM" s idea to send a Parliamentary delegation to the island of Bougainville on tour of insoection. Tino Perelra i/v Marie Leadbeater - Peace activist METROPOLITKN PAPERS
00:03:20 CONSUMER'S INSTITUTE: Saves it is pleased to see lawyers are finally starting to treat their business like any other and are offering incentives to clients for their custom. Megan Francis
00:02:32 MEDICAL ASSPCIATION: Savs the two recent cases of Public hospitals pressuring diving patients to leave public wards and do into private hospitals are only the tip of the iceberg Megan Francis i/v Dr Alistair Scott. Chair of the Medical Association
00:03:23 NZ FIRST: Leader Winston Peters decision to Dull out of that multiparty talks on emolument has disanointed. National. Labour and the Alliance. Janice Rodeburg LIVE
00:03:03 MZ FIRST (2): Winston Peters - MZ First Leader
00:06:38 MURDER VICTIM AWARENESS DAY: Has disappointed today to highline the alight of people Who have lost a loved one as a result of murder. Debbie Francis - Family and Friends of Murder Victims -- Doug Graham - Justice Minister
00:04:16 GOLF: Brant Clements - executive director of the NZ Golf Assoc LIVE
00:03:02 GTRWFFE: Zurl. the American Draffy is on his wav to Drama Park Zoo. Jo Kniont - Auckland Zoo spokesperson
00:02:00 MORNING COMMEMT: Kate Birch LIVE
00:07:03 CORRESPONDENT: Asher Wallfish

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Year 1994

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Date 16 Feb 1994