Morning report. 1994-03-10

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0600 News/Sport
0615 Good Morning "Rural" NZ : See Rural Report Rundown
0630 News/Weather/Māori News
0640 Report from our Mana News team
0645 Pacific Regional News : Ex RNZ International
0650 Business and financial news. Margaret Inqe.
0700 NEWS
00:05:05 ONEHUNGA: The National Party will today withdraw its High Court action over the Onehunga Electorate challenge. Alexia Russell LIVE
00:03:03 ONEHUNGA (2): Richard Griffin -Political Editor
00:01:54 MENTAL HEALTH ACT: A mental health group made up of psychiatrists, lawyers and judges has condemned proposed changes by the Government, Kerry Lamont LIVE
00:04:23 MENTAL HEALTH ACT (2): Chris Cottingham - College of Mental Health Nurses
00:02:50 FERRY: Two maritime unions claim that a campaign is underway to intimidate them before the next round of pay talks. Tina Pereira
00:03:11 REPUBLICANISM: The decision by PM Jim Bolger to revive the Republicanism debate is being questioned by Labour Leader Helen Clark. Karen Fisher i/v Helen Clark
00:03:01 REPUBLICANISM (2): There is strong opposition from many Māori. Anna Hughes LIVE
00:03:04 REPUBLICANISM (3): Derek Fox - Māori broadcaster METROPOLITAN PAPERS:
00:00:43 COMPULSORY UNIONISM: HB MP Michael Laws is seeking to have what he call compulsory unionism on campuses outlawed. Michael Laws. and Christina Rizos - president of the Canterbury Students Assoc
00:02:29 INSURANCE: Inusrance companies are closely examining their policies in the belief the public is about to reclaim the right to sue perhaps in cases where mental trauma is involved. Cushla Managh
00:02:52 COUNSELLING: Palmerston North woman is astounded that she is not entitled to ACC funding for counselling after she witnessed the death of her son. Tracey Lyall
00:01:18 WAITANGI HOTEL: The debate over the future of the financially troubled Waitangi Hotel continues. Lois Williams LIVE
00:04:30 MAASTRICHT TREATY: barely four months after the Maastricht treaty became law, the European Union faces a new crisis over its future as plans to add four new members run into trouble. John Fraser illegible NEWS:
00:02:46 FISHERIES: Fisheries Minister Doug Kidd's warning people not to lend their car or boat for someone to go fishing. Peter Fowler i/v Doug Kidd - Fisheries Minister
00:02:28 PRIVY COUNCIL: The PM's suggestion that NZ could become a republic has sparked interest in how the Privy Council could be replaced and what would happen to the position of governor general. Karlum Lattimore p. re
00:05:27 SPINAL: Revolutionary research showing how samaged spinal cord nerve fibres can regenerate on their own is being developed by a British charity. Simon Barnes - Int. Spinal Research Trust in Britain
00:02:35 MMP: The Alliance is taking legislative steps to try to end National and Labour influence over the Boundaries Commission when deciding the new MMP boundaries. Anastasia Harallambi
00:01:11 PRIVACY: The privacy commissioner has moved to spell out what privacy means, as the debate about patient confidentiality continues Cushla Managh
00:01:06 KIM HILL:
00:01:59 MORNING COMMENT: Rodney Knight LIVE
00:05:06 FRUIT AND VEG: Jack Forsythe

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