Morning report. 1994-10-11

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0600 News/Sport
0615 Good Morning "Rural" NZ : See Rural Report Rundown
0630 News/Weather/Māori News
0640 Report from our Mana News team
0645 Pacific Regional News : Ex RNZ International
0650 Business and financial news. Janice Apiin
0700 NEWS IRAU - ambassador to UN tells Security Council his govt has decided to move troops away from Kuwaiti border area. Live i/v with UN correspondent Judy Lessing. IRAU - Palestinian journalist Leiia Deed is in Baghdad, says sanctions against illegible coupled with uncertainty caused by US troop build-up in Kuwait, have caused real hardship. (Mng Rpt) HAITI - General Raoui Cobras steps down after 3 years of military rule, expected to Leave country with millions of dollars. Time correspondent Gerhard Dihedron among those watching him hand over powr - he's i/ved. (mng Rpt) MORI GAGE CORPN - Housing minister Murray McCully to meet Corpn today to discuss high interest rates it charges former housing Corpn mortgagees. Background to situation. (Stephen Parker): live i/v with Mr McCully. ALLAN HAWKINS - jailed former
of Equiticorp expected to appear in laumarunui court today on matters believed to be relaxed to pnssioie extradition Australia. (Stephen ward) KINDERGARTEN TEACHERS decide to proceed with 24 hour strike on Thursday NZEI says decision partly influenced by letter from Associate Education minister John Luxton which said any increase in bulk funning would be conditional on union agreeing to untrained Staff being employed, parents paying fees and Longer hours for teachers. Live i/v with Cynthia Siowiey, head teacher for East Harbour Kindergarten in WN and NZET spokesperson on early childhood education.
0729 NEWS/WEATHER/SPORT illegible EXCHANGE PROGRAMME will see Australian and NZ athletes traveling across Tasman for education programmes, training camps and competition, expected to help NZ win more medals at Sydney Olympics in year 2000. Comment from former gold medal winner John walker, who's critical. (Flona Mayo); live i/v with Sport and Recreation minister John Banks. AUSTRALIA - disappearance of plane off NSW coast last week leads to sacking of one senior Australian public servant, head of Civil Aviation Authority's air safety regulation unit George Marsionis, and possible embarrassment of federal minister. (Phil kafcaloudes)
0800 NEWS/WEATHER IRAU - President Clinton watching events in Gulf closely, following Iragi decision to withdraw troops from kuwait border area. Live i/v with washington correspondent Connie Lawn. ORANGE LODGE - NZ Salvation Army worker Charles Ferrel appointed 16th Imperial Grand Master of Loyal Orange Institution. He succeeds head of Uister Unionist Party James Molyneux and will hold office for 3 years. Mr Ferrei i/ved live. FLOODS - Australian scientist Barrie Pittock warns that within next 70 years NZ should expect more serious flooding and higher costs as result of roading pridges and buildings being destroyed. (Stephen Parker) AUCKLAND BUSES will be fewer and further between this morning because of industrial action illegible Yellow Bus Do (Eileen Cameron) MEATWORKS CLOSURES - WN School of Medicine undertaking major study of effects of whakatu closure 8 years ago. Former union leader Bill Bennett says health of former workers has suffered but he fears Tomoana staff laid off by weddel in August could be even worse off. Comment also from Hastings mayor Jeremy Dwyer (Mark Torley); live i/v with research team leader vera keefe-Ormsoy.
0830 NEWS/SPORT REDUNDANCY - Court of Appeal rules employers have obligations under Employment Contracts Act to handle redundancies in fair and considerate manner, re 2 appeals by employers against Employment Court and Employment Tribunal findings that laid-off workers entitled to compensation after suffering stress, humiliation, loss of dignity and injury as result of redundancy. (Mark Torley) N.Z. HERPES FNDN agnast at reports of US prosecution of man with herpes who's been charged with aggravated assault for not telling girlfriend he has the disease. (Leigh Parker) N.Z. FILM and TELEVISION industries set up Project Blue Sky, joint action group To ensure growth in both industries continues, carries out major survey of illegible activity. Live i/v with chairperson Dave Gibson. PLUNKET Society finds country's oldest "Plunket baby" to coincide with annual appeal - 88 year old wellingtonian Frederick McCluskey. He's i/ved. (Mng Rpt) COMMENT GERMANY - election campaign one of the most tense in years, with picture further confused by emergence of small groupings like reformed Communist Party of Democratic Socialism. Live i/v with Hamburg correspondent John Walker.

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