Morning report. 1996-02-20

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0700 NEWS TAX CUTS - The tax cuts don't apply for four months, but there's already a lot of advice on how people should spend their extra money. Wrap with taxpayers illegible Currie and Andrew Abernathy, beneficiary Noel Ellis and Barry Hellberg of the Retailers' Association. (Stephen Parker) Live i/v with financial planner Murray Weatherston, Alistair Herring from the Salvation Army's budgetting service and David Russell from the Consumer's Institute. BOMB-BUS - The IRA has claimed responsibility for a bomb that exploded in a double decker bus in London yesterday, killing one and injuring nine. Live i/v with Wayne Brittenden at the bomb site - Aldwych, London. AUSTRALIA - Opposition leader John Howard has made both literal and figurative stumbles in a bad day campaigning in Sydney. Wrap with Paul Keating and John Howard. (Kathryn Street) HOMICIDE - The scene of the homicide investigation in the Manawatu town of Sanson remains cordoned off this morning as police continue their investigation. The body of Hugh LYnch, the owner of the Junction Hotel, was found yesterday. Live i/v with det insp Doug Brew.
0730 NEWS/WEATHER/SPORTS DRUGS - The government's drug-buying agency Pharmac is likely to end the year with a 32-million-dollar debt. And doctors say if they had introduced a new dispensing system, as was planned for February first, this wouldn't have happened. Wrap with Bob Brady of the Pharmacy Guild and Christine Jorgenson of illegible RHA. (Helen Matterson) Pre-recorded i/v with Associate Minister of Health Maurice Williamson. TEACHERS - Around 6000 secondary school teachers will hold stopwork meetings around the country today to consider the latest pay offer from the State Services Commission. Wrap with Martin Cooney PPTA and Ross Tanner SSC. (Peter Fowler) UNITED STATES - There's one day left of campaigning before the presidential primary in New Hampshire and polls indicate Pat Buchanan, Bob Dole and Lama Alexander are the favourites. Alexander is the surprise addition to the favourites list. Wrap from Judy Lessing including actuality from his rally. TANKER - Another salvage team, this time of twenty people, has been airlifted onto the stranded tanker Sea Empress, off the coast of Wales. They are trying to secure the vessel to stop thousands of tonnes of crude oil spilling into the sea. Live i/v with Gilbert John from the near by town of Milford Haven.
0800 NEWS/WEATHER TAX CUTS - Audio of political reaction to the government's tax cuts package. Comment from Michael Cullen, Jim Anderton and Peter Dunne. Live i/v with Jim Bolger. PAPERS/ASPAC HEADLINES, plus wrap of Spanish papers from correspondent Adela Gooch. FOSTERCARE - Foster parents in Christchurch are calling for a review of foster care, saying they don't get the money or resources they need from the Childrens and Young Persons Service. Pre-recorded i/v with Alan Bensley, a foster parent and live i/v with Buster Curson, president of the Social Workers Association, who says this is a nationwide problem. CATHEDRAL - Chrsitchurch City Councillors are meeting this morning to discuss a proposal from a Korean-led consortium to build a 25-million dollar bus terminal and carpark under Cathedral Square. Wrap with mayor Vicki Buck and architect Barry Darcombe. (Tracey Lyall)
0830 NEWS/SPORTS WORKSCORP - The government plans to privatise the Works Corporation, which consists of civil construction, consultancy and geothermal engineering. Pre-recorded i/v with SOE minister Philip Burdon. CHATHAMS - The Chathams Islans' only plane has been grounded for safety reasons, while the Civil Aviation Authority investigates. Wrap with Chathams illegible Patrick Smith and Kevin Ward CAA. (Peter Fowler) Written statement from Cathams Air, saying they refute the CAA's claims and will continue to offer a substitute service until the matter is sorted out. AUSTRALIA - New Zealand is already trying to learn lessons from the election across the Tasman. Labour MP Pete Hodgson has just returned from Sydney where he met Labour's campaign director Gary Grey and secretary of the NSW Lab party, John della Bosca. Kathryn Street i/v with Hodgson. COMMENT SPAIN - A Socialist party election video has created an uproar after it was found to include subliminal messages. Live i/v with Adela Gooch.

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Year 1996

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Date 20 Feb 1996