Morning report. 1996-02-26

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0700 NEWS MOUTOA GARDENS - no toruble so far but clash looming'over Wanganui District Council's ban on people staying overnight in gardens and what some Māori claim is traditional duty to provide accommodation for hundreds of visitors expected. illegible from activists Ken Mair and Niko Tangaroa, Snr Sgt Bob Burns, and mayor Chas Poynter. (Karlum Lattimore); live i/v with reporter Karlum Lattimore. SECONDARY SCHOOL TEACHERS say proposed strike action on March 6 can only be averted if govt improves pay offer and drops proposal for performance pay. School boards, principals and parents disapopointed that negotiations have come to impasse. Comment from Mark Farnsworth, School Trustees' Assn, Tom Ryder of Secondary School Principals' Assn, and Alistair Pear, Parent Teacher Assn president. (Kiri Coughlan); live i/v with PPTA president Martin Cooney, and Julie Craig, State Services Commission. AUSTRALIAN ELECTION CAMPAIGN - second televised debate between Paul Keating and John Howard. Live i/v with reporter Kathryn Street about points scored and impressions made.
0730 NEWS/WEATHER/SPORTS ISRAEL - 2 bomb blasts kill 25, injure at least 75. Crowded bus in Jerusalem blown apart, and group of hitchhuking soldiers also targetted outside Ashkelon. I/v with "Guardian" correspondent Derek Brown. (Mng Rpt) FIRES - 2 fires in churches in WN over weekend, both treated as arson. Live i/v with Snr Station Sgt Richard Baldwin, WN Fire Service. WARREN COOPER to attend 2nd cabinet meeting since New Year today despite PM illegible assurances he would have handed in his warrant by now. Mr Cooper now also mayor of Queenstown and PM Bolger has said he can't keep both jobs. Comment from Mr Bolger, Labour leader Helen Clark, Jim Anderton, Warren Cooper (q), and Winston Peters, (q). (Marie Hosking) NORTHERN IRELAND - Sinn Fein announces it will meet senior British govt officials tomorrow, first meeting since bomb in London's Docklands. Announcement follows demonstrations in London, Belfast, and Dublin supporting return to ceasefire. (Wayne Brittenden); live i/v with Belfast correspondent David McKittrick.
0800 NEWS/WEATHER LORRAINE AND AARON COHEN, convicted drug traffickers, may be released from Malaysian jail in just over 2 years. Cabinet minister John Banks negotiating with Malaysian officials to shorten Cohen's life sentences for carrying heroin. Mr Banks i/ved live. U.S PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN - Steve Forbes wins Republican primary in Delaware with 31% of vote, 6 points ahead of Bob Dole. (Judy Lessing) PAPERS/ASPAC HEADLINES LESBIAN group believes it could be matter of months before NZ becomes one of first countries to allow same-sex marriages. 3 couples plan to file legal challengein High Court in AK this week to allow such marriages. Comment from spokesperson Lyndsay Quilter, and law lecturer Ruth Busch.(Eileen Cameron) RUGBY LEAGUE - another chapter in Sydney Court today in battle between Rupert Murdoch's Super League and Australian Rugby League for right to run the sport. Live i/v with commentator Alan McLachlan. MONDAY OZ SPOT - campaignby Dick Smith to get prominent business people to support Liberal oppn fails, with only 2 allowing names to go forward. Live i/v with correspondent Phil Kafcaloudes.
0830 NEWS/SPORTS STATE HOUSING - Labour introducing Bill to Parliament this week to abolish market rents. Bill follows Housing NZ decision to drop rents in Porirua in order to attract tenants to empty houses. Live i/v with Labour's Housing spokesman Paul Swain. TRUANCY - 5 AK schools about to test new computer-controlled phone system to combat truancy. Phone service used to call parents of truant pupils and notify them of absence. Comment from Penrose High School principal John Good and computer company manager Michael McLaughlin. (Sacha Hardy) COMMENT $-US considering punitive steps in response to Cuba's shooting down of 2 civilian planes. Live i/v with correspondent Bernard Diedrich; Cuba agrees to let US planes enter waters to search for survivors. Planes belonged to Cuban group based in Miami which patrols waters looking for refugees trying to enter US. Live i/v with correspondent Neil Wiese.

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Year 1996

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Date 26 Feb 1996