Morning report. 1996-03-06

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0600 News/Sport
0615 Good Morning "Rural" NZ : See Rural Report Rundown
0630 News/Weather/Māori News
0640 Report from our Mana News team
0645 Pacific Regional News : Ex RNZ International
0650 Business and financial news. David Jones
0700 NEWS SECONDARY TEACHERS strike and protest today, angry that 6 month pay negotiations with govt proved fruitless to date. Comment from St Mary's College (WN) 4th formers, State Services negotiator Julie Craig, and PPTA president Martin Cooney. (Maria Slade); Education ministry concerned some schools unsure of requirement they remain open today if at all possible. Live i/v with ministry's acting group manager Neil McDonald about what schools can and can't do. PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY seizes control of mosques previously run by Hamas and makes hundreds of arrests following bomb attacks on Israel. Israelis unimpressed. I/v with correspondent Robert Berger. HOUSING - WN City Council may follow AK City Council and sell off cheap rental units. CH and DN City Councils plan to keep theirs. Comment from WN mayor Mark Blumsky, CH mayor Vicki Buck, Dave McKenzie of DN City Council, and Major Campbell Roberts, Council of Christian Social Services. (Leigh-Anne Wiig) MIKE MOORE staying with Labour Party, but formation of new political party was only days away before he decided against it. Live i/v with Political editor Karen Fisher.
0830 NEWS/WEATHER/SPORTS COOK ISLANDS PM Sir Geoffrey Henry appears to have patched up major splits in party. 2 key figures in party, Cooks Islands Party general secretary Tom Masters and party president Henry Puna, release statement backing his leadership. Live i/v with Cook Islands journalist Jason Brown. WAIRARPA LANDOWNER Dan Riddiford centre of calls for probe into why he's getting the dole when he has 6,000 ha farm and a house in WN. Labour MP Graham Kelly wants investigation. (Bryan Crump) INVERCARGILL - extra police patrols on streets in attempt to deal with escalating tensions between Black Power and Road Knights gangs. Armed Offenders squad members mobilised in city and gangs told they'll be prosecuted if seen in groups of more than 3. Live i/v with Det Sgt Tim Haughey. HONG KONG assured by British PM John Major it won't be abandoned when it returns to Chinese rue next year. (Belinda Caminada)
0800 NEWS/WEATHER SECONDARY TEACHERS - School Trustees Assn believes most schools will be open today, offering some sort of supervision for pupils who do turn up. Assn manager Ray Newport says in most cases there will be no classes. (Mng Rpt); teachers protest today, with group giving message to commuters at WN railway station. Anita Lee reports live. GOVERNOR GENERAL designate Sir Michael Hardie Boys receives his knighthood at Buckingham Palace. He's i/ved by correspondent Wayne Brittenden. (no questions allowed about monarchy or royal divorce) PAPERS/ASPAC HEADLINES PLUNKET - debate over funding reaches Parliament, with Health minister Jenny Shipley rejecting accusations it's under-funded. Comment also from Labour MP Lianne Dalziel. (Anna Hughes) PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN - "Yankee" primaries begin, precursor to next week's "Super Tuesday" primaries. Live i/v with correspondent Judy Lessing.
0830 NEWS/SPORTS SECONDARY TEACHERS - AK's Avondale College one of few schools offering classes today. Glenda Wakeham reports live; PPTA'S Avondale branch says school will not be able to function normally despite number of staff working. Live i/v with branch secretary Jane Trounson. HOUSING activist Sister Ann Hurley speaks out about stark contrasts in Ak where housing problems are growing while property development booms and house prices escalate. Comment also from Leslie Goss, resident of Paratai Drive, reportedly NZ's richest street. (Eileen Cameron) ANTARCTICA - NZers wintering over at Scott Base more out in cold than usual - midwinter drop cancelled and census forms haven't arrived. Live i/v with Scott illegible technician Eric Tripp. AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLERS' union claims victory in Employment Court. Airways Corpn has agreed not to approach workers directly without giving union 7 days' notice. Comment from union lawyer Emma Huston and Corpn negotiator Ken McLean. (Marguerite Fahy) JOHN BARLOW - row over legal aid leads to bankruptcy proceedings against convicted double murderer. Barlow argues he can't pay $20,000 contribution towards $400,000 legal aid bill from his 3 trials. I/v with Andrew Becroft, convenor of Law Society's legal services committee. (Mng Rpt) COMMENT EUROPEAN UNION pondering on British PM John Major's announcement of visa-free entry to UK for Hong Kong citizens. Live i/v with correspondent John Fraser about that and other matters concerning EU.

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Year 1996

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Date 06 Mar 1996