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0616 NEWS STORY: INDONESIA - UNREST - how has President Suharto clung to power for so long? I/v with Sydney University expert Dr Jerry van Klinken. (Eric Frykberg)
0620 RURAL NEWS SHEEP AND CATTLE KILL - DROUGHT in East Coast forces Meat and Wool Boards' economic service to increase projections for season, now expects 5% increase rather than 4% reduction. Director Rob Davison says despite drought, stock sent to works have been in good condition, indicating farmers are managing drought better than last big one 10 years ago. (Kevin Ikin) TIMERS EXPORTS - forest industry members meet today to discuss latest development in US court limiting their ability to export there. NZ and Chile helping US quarantine service fight case taken by environmentalists who claim import standards could let in unwanted pests. Colin McKenzie, chair of Forest Industries Council, says members reasonably confident of winning case. (Catherine Harris) PRODUCER BOARDS - Raspberry and hop growers don't expect many major changes in way they market products after govt deregulates producer boards. (Kevin Ikin)
0625 SPORTS STORY: EUROPEAN SPORTS - live i/v with correspondent John Daniell. (French rugby cup; German Tennis Open)
0636 NEWS STORY: WORKPLACE STRESS - OSH calling on managers to look out for signs of stress and fatigue in workplace and deal with them. (Adam Hollingworth)
0651 BUSINESS AND FINANCIAL NEWS: U.S. - MICROSOFT - Justice Dept and 20 states launch what could be one of biggest anti-trust lawsuits in US history, accusing Microsoft of using monopoly power to bully competitors, of using Windows system to seize control of lucrative software market for browsers to access Internet. (Gyles Beckford)
TELECOM full year result expected to be yet another strong profit, in region of illegible million. Credit Suisse First Boston analyst Guy Hallwright says company growing satisfactorily despite effects of economic slowdown. (Sharon Brettkelly)
TELECOM - CALL CENTRE SERVICES - further steps towards contracting out services expected next month, move will affect 600 positions. Telecom likely to engage Sitel Asia Pacific if it decides to proceed, contractor would be responsible for services including directory assistance, operator-assisted calls, inquiries and emergency calls. (Sharon Brettkelly)
FINANCE/MARKETS AUSTRALIA - DOLLAR - PM John Howard criticises money market dealers for slump of dollar, which has been at 12 year lows of just above US62 cents. (Zandra Sharpe)
BANKS - MORTGAGE RATES - grumbles that banks are quick to raise rates and slow to lower them found unjustified in survey by VUW Professor of Finance Roger Bowden and researcher Denise Frost. (Sharon Brettkelly)
0700 INTRO/NEWS INDONESIA - UNREST - President Suharto refusing to heed calls to stand down coming from both protestors and within parliament. Armed Forces Commader dismisses claims by Speaker of House of Representatives that majority of members want president to stand down. Observers say that sets stage for confrontation between civilians and military. Students march on Parliament. I/v with correspondent David Willis. (Mng Rpt); backgrounder on President Suharto, with comment from Sydney Univ expert Jerry van Klinken, John McBeth, "Far Eastern Economic Review", analyst Mokhtar Bokari. (Eric Frykberg)
POLICE PAY - administration and Police Association now have 10 days to negotiate after independent arbitrator for pay bargaining round makes preliminary decision in favour of management. Union has turned down offer of 2 one-off payments of $800 and 2% increase in 2000 and has demanded 15% increase over next 3 years. Live i/v with Asst Commissioner Jon White and Greg Fleming, Police Assn.
MISSING COUPLE - sense in Marlborough community there will soon be resolution in Olivia Hope / Ben Smart case. Live report from Clare Sziranyi.
BENEFIT FRAUD ADVERTS - controversial campaign goes before Advertising Standards Complaints Board today, in case brought by Federation of Voluntary Welfare Organisations which says campaign encourages public to inform on people they believe are defrauding welfare system. Comment from Advertising Standards Complaint Board exec director Glenn Wiggs, Voluntary Orgn's exec director Tina Reid and domestic purposes beneficiary Deborah. (Sarah Boyd)
0730 NEWS/WEATHER/SPORTS NZ PAPERS FINANCE UPDATE U.S. - MICROSOFT - lawsuits will accuse Microsoft of abusing power as maker of Windows software systems, used in more than 90% of personal computers. Live i/v with correspondent Craig McMurtrie.
NORTHERN IRELAND - divisions in Protestant community threaten proposed peace deal. Latest poll shows fewer than half plan to vote for the deal in Friday's referendum. Live i/v with correspondent David McKittrick.
MALCOLM REWA TRIAL into 11th week, prosecution expected to start summing up its case today. New forensic evidence presented yesterday. Live report from Eileen Cameron.
AUCKLAND - BUS FARES - strong opposition to proposal by AK Regional Council to phase out cheaper fares for school children, students, disabled and superannuitants. Grey Power determined to fight proposal. Live i/v with AK president Brian Kirby anc chair of ARC transport committee, Les Patterson.
0800 NEWS/WEATHER INDONESIA - UNREST - foreigners, including about 200 NZers, have now left country - how many NZers choosing to stay? I/v with NZ ambassador Michael Green. (Mng Rpt) Fletcher Homes - test case in long-running battle between Fletcher Homes and buyers over alleged over-valuation of properties continues today at High Court in WN. Civil case taken by 3 couples who say they've lost a lot of money and suffered much distress because of actions by Fletchers and valuers. Case could influence 100 or so other cases awaiting resolution in District Courts around country. I/v with Court reporters Merle Nowland. (Mng Rpt)
RUGBY VIOLENCE - problem of violent spectators again under scrutiny after Wellington referee pelted with rocks after rugby game, second such incident involving spectators in less than a fortnight. NZRFU warns it plans to stamp out violence both on and off field. (Catherine Walbridge)
ALLERGY DRUGS RECALL - 2 drugs to treat potentially fatal allergic reactions such as bee and wasp stings recalled. US manufacturer Meridian Medical Technologies says affected batches of EpiPen Adrenaline Auto Injector and EpiPen Junion Adrenaline Auto Injector may not provide adequate medication. CSL Pharmaceuticals handling recall in NZ - general manager Chris Church i/ved about what went wrong. (Mng Rpt)
FIJI - DROUGHT devastating sugar industry, with half crop lost this season. Around 25% of population dependant on sugar cane industry, govt to decide today how much compensation to pay farmers. Live i/v with correspondent Shiu Singh.
0830 NEWS/SPORTS CRICKET - NZ team begins tour of Sri Lanka with 3 day game against President's Eleven, bowled out for 274. I/v with coach Steve Rixon. (Mng Rpt)
COPYRIGHT - US govt worried that new parallel importing laws in NZ will make it easier for pirated goods to flood market. Legislations rushed through Parliament as part of Budget. Are US fears justified? Live i/v with Commerce minister John Luxton.
WORKPLACE STRESS - Occupational Ssafety and Health are asking employers to be more aware of dangers which can result from stress and fatigue most often experienced by shift workers. OSH says risks range from car accidents to serious medical conditions for those working in 24 hour industries. Live i/v with OSH spokesperson Lisa Marie Richan.
KAKAPO - 3 females moved to Maud Island in Marlborough Sounds as part of DoC plan to improve chances of breeding. Environment reporter Andrea Rush accompanies kakapo to new home.
OTAGO UNIV - squeeze on lecture theatre space causes concern to students and administrators. 1200 more students and declining govt funding means new building programme unable to keep up with demand. (Peter Wells)
RUSSIA - SIBERIA - Alexander Lebed, sacked by President Yeltsin as security advisor 18 months ago, wins election as governor of Krasnoyarsk region, illegible to bring stability and prosperity to vast new power base. I/v with correspondent Andrew Harding

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