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0616 NEWS STORY: COALITION ENDS - NZ First leader Winston Peters lays blame for collapse of coalition on National Party, after disputes committee fails to resolve differences between parties. NZ First party split in two, with 8 MPs leaving party and switching support to National. Comment from Mr Peters, MPs Jenny Bloxham (q), Ron Mark(q), and Tu Wyllie. (Clare Pasley)
0620 RURAL NEWS RUSSIAN TRADE - MEAT - NewTrade, which handles bulk of NZ's meat exports to Russia, still confident about prospects there despite Russia's economic crisis and fall in rouble. Trading manager Ross Chambers comments. (Eric Frykberg) RUSSIAN TRADE - DAIRY Board expects drop in business in its 2nd largest butter market because of rouble devaluation, but ingredients manager Chris Moller says illegible has big advantage over some other exportes because dairy industry's intergrated structure and single-seller market system gives it flexibility to adjust to upheavals. (Kevin Ikin) MEAT INDUSTRY - PRICE FIXING - settlement could be in sight on Commerce Commission case against North Island meat companies. Case has dragged on since October 1995 when Commission alleged companies had colluded to fix prices paid to farmers for stock, over period of 3 years. (Kevin IKin) ENVIRONMENTAL COMPLIANCE - NZ to take part in European Union survey on costs for farmers. Massey Univ economist Prof Anton Meisner conducting NZ part of survey, says NZ can use information from other countries to help capitalise on clean, green image and products. (Diana Leufkens)
0625 SPORTS STORY AUSTRALIAN SPORTS - i/v with correspondent Tim gavel. (Why is Bradley Clyde leaving Raiders rugby league team?)
0635 NEWS STORY: COALITION ENDS - 5 NZ First MPs who left party late last night to go independent, with thoughts of eventually forming new centrist party together. Not yet clear if Employment minister Peter McCardle, who's also left NZ First, illegible join group of Tau Henare, Rana Waitai, Tuku Morgan, Jack Elder, and Ann Batten. Comment from Tau Henare, Tuku Morgan, and Ann Batten. (Sarah Boyd)
0642 MANA NEWS NEW MāORI PARTY - Māori Congress says it has more on agenda at upcoming national hui than debate over new party.
0651 BUSINESS AND FINANCIAL NEWS: TELECOM RESULT for first quarter flat, $190 million after tax, points to future growth in enhanced services and packaging various services to suit individual and business needs. Might Telecom split its business between distribution and retail? Comment from chief exec Rod Deane. (Gyles Beckford) PORTS OF AUCKLAND posts full year after-tax profit of just over $40 million, up $1 million on year before. Chief exec Geoff Vaizey comments. (Janice Aplin) COMPANY RESULTS - LWR Industries down $3 million to $5.7 millio, Michael Hill result better than expected, up more than third on last year to $7.2 million. Paul Glass, Spicers Portfolio Management, says results reflect tough economic conditions. (Janice Aplin) FINANCE/MARKETS MARKET REVIEW BRIERLEY INVESTMENTS - THISTLE HOTELS- share prices fall in wake of collapse of proposed sale. London analysts say Thistle will now resurrect plans to sell around 30 provincial hotels and return proceeds to shareholders. (Gyles Beckford) ENERCO announces it's forming new natural gas wholesale company to market gas from Wairoa field. Parent company Southpower confirms it will sell retail business in line with govt's electricity reforms and trends in energy field. (Janice Aplin) E-STRESS - computer, especially e-mail, a prime cause of increased stress in working lives, according to Australian physiotherapist specialising in stress management. Amanda Gore, in NZ to give seminars, says new computerised communications systems must take their share of blame for number of uptight workers. (ex In Touch With NZ)
0700 INTRO/NEWS COALITION ENDS - WINSTON PETERS announces collapse. 8 former NZ first MPs illegible PM Jenny Shipley on votes of confidence and supply, giving her numbers to stay in office with new minority National administration. Where does this leave Mr Peters? He's i/ved live. COALITION ENDS - TAU HENARE hopes he and 4 other MPs who split from NZ First will form embryo of new centrist party, says he'll remain in cabinet in meantime. He's i/ved live. COALITION ENDS - live i/v with PM JENNY SHIPLEY. COALITION ENDS - live i/v with Political editor AL MORRISON
0730 NEWS/WEATHER/SPORTS NZ PAPERS FINANCE UPDATE COALITION ENDS - live i/v with Labour leader HELEN CLARK; has PM met precondition set by ACT leader RICHARD PREBBLE that she must have majority to govern, and does she have his support now?; live i/v with Alliance leader JIM ANDERTON; live i/v with Political editor AL MORRISON and Māori Issues correspondent CHRIS WIKAIRA.
0800 NEWS/WEATHER COALITION ENDS - VOX POPS; live i/v with National Party president JOHN SLATER; TU WYLLIE staying with NZ First, only MP from Māori electorate staying with illegible - i/ved live; live i/v with RANA WAITAI who's left NZ First; live i/v with Māori Issues correspondent CHRIS WIKAIRA; ANN BATTEN's defection from NZ First was surprising - she's i/ved live; JENNY BLOXHAM elects to stay with NZ First, sharply critical of MPs who've abandoned party - i/ved live. COALITION ENDS - live i/v with Leader of the House WYATI CREECH re difficulties of getting legislation through under minority govt; live i/v with political commentator COLIN JAMESL; VOX POPS - reports from Lisa Owen in AK, Melita Tull in WN, Lauren McKenzie in CH; live i/v with Political editor AL MORRISON.
0830 NEWS/SPORTS U.S. - CLINTON SCANDAL - opinion polls show support from President Clinton despite his admission he misled public over affair with Monica Lewinsky, majority don't want him to resign or be impeached, but his personal credibility rating has been damaged. I/v with correspondent Martin Kettle. PARALLEL IMPORTS - range of cut-price televisions and videos go on sale today in Warehouse chain, thanks to new laws which allow companies other than manufacturers' licensed agents to import branded goods. New laws also prompt warnings consumers could be exposed to poor service guarantees and counterfeit goods. Commeng from Warehouse head Steven Tindall, Consumers Inst chief exec David Russell, Neil Martin of L V Martin, and Paul Blomfield, International Apparel Brands Action Group. (karen Gregory-Hunt) WAITING LISTS - Medical Assn says true extent of hospital waiting lists now revealed, following release of new figures from Health Funding Authority. Figures show that on July 1, 96,000 people were waiting to see medical specialists after being referred by GPs. Tens of thousands face delays just getting past first hurdle towards qualifying for surgery under new booking system. Comment from Health minister Bill English, Medical Assn chair Anton Wiles, and Richard Webb. Canterbury Health. (Rae Lamb) INTERNATIONAL PAPERS IRELAND - COALITION GOVT - Irish Republic has similar population to NZ, a proportional representation system, and a govt that operates successfully with only 71 seats out of 160. I/v with correspondent Mark O' Connell. (Mng Rpt)

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